China Calls Apple ‘Empty And Self-Praising’ Over The Recent iPhone Range Warranties Criticism

Posted on Mar 26 2013 - 9:52pm by Editorial Staff

Apple recently published a press release on its Chinese portal result of which state broadcaster CCTV claimed that the iPhone maker is not offering Chinese consumers the same level of service as it is giving to Americans. Even, this is not only it, the Chinese state-run newspaper The People’s Daily called Apple’s this action as “empty and self-praising” over the recent criticism the company is facing over iPhone range warranties.

Interesting is that The People’s Daily cited that the most American iPhone faults result in replacing the device, while in China, the iPhone are repaired and then handed back to users i.e. no as such replacement. Apple pointing over this and said in its press release that its warranties are “roughly the same” worldwide, with pointing out that the Chinese law requires a 30-day warranty on repairs, although it offers either 90 days or until the original warranty is up, whichever is longer. The whole thing seems an interesting matter piping up over the Apple’s performance in China but also we can’t conclude anything at par in the first go.

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