Top 4 iPhone 5 Cases For 2013

Posted on Mar 28 2013 - 1:02am by Editorial Staff


With the release of the sixth-generation iPhone a.k.a iPhone 5, case and cover manufacturers had to design new covers as the design of the handset became taller and slim compared to previous iPhone models. Manufacturers are aware that protective cases are almost a necessity for iPhone 5 owners. A recent study conducted by ABI Research also revealed that 75% people who buy an iPhone also go for a protective cover. If you’ve been looking for new iPhone covers and cases to snug your iPhone 5 in, here’s a list of the top picks for 2013;

1.  Otterbox Defender

The Otterbox Defender case will turn your iDevice into a drop and abuse resistant gadget. Although it will increase the weight of the originally slim handset, it’s quite handy for those who’re into outdoor sports or take their iPhone to sites where construction takes place. Otterbox offers several iPhone 5 cases, but this is the toughest case in their range and comes with built-in screen protector and two protection layers on the outside.

The outer body is made of a silicon layer that’s shock resistant and manages to hold its shape for long-term. You don’t have to manually attempt to fit the built-in screen protector as it’s already attached to the case. Your iPhone 5 will become a part of this case, and it’s going to fit in nicely in your hand as the case provides a strong grip. It’s available for $59.95.

2.  Tech 21 Impact Snap with cover

A lot of iPhone 5 cases that you come across compromise protection over the visual appeal, but the Tech 21 Impact Snap with cover provides both. It comes from D3O material, with the dilatant fluid in its original form. When your iOS device is inside this cover and gets hit by force, the case has molecules locks which are going to bear the impact. The manufacturer calls this protection Impactology.

The D3O has been placed in a solid form by the case marker, lined alongside the areas of the case which are most prone to impact. There’s also a front cover which protects the Retina display from scratches when the iPhone 5 is in your pocket. It’s available for $45.35.

3.  Pantone Universe Bookcase

Case Scenario has outdone itself with Pantone Universe Bookcase for iPhone 5. Its design will appeal to onlookers from far. It has a unibody color throughout the body, apart from the white strip at the front, which gives the case a good contrast. The Nubuck material used for making the case does a good job in keeping away finger prints and smudges.

You’ll be able to access all the side keys and the front home button below the homescreen through the holes of the case. There are two magnets integrated by the front cover, which keeps the screen safe from scratches. Panton Universe Bookcase is available in two colors; Black Tap Show and Red Scarlet Sage and comes with a price tag of $49.99.

4.  Seidio OBEX

The Seidio OBEX is the ‘everything proof’ case for iPhone 5. It now comes in different packages; one with a belt clip and one without it. All the instructions, disclaimers and whatever required to use the case the right way comes along. Seidio OBEX is waterproof as well which means that your iDevice will be protected from water damage.

The O-ring at the center creates an airtight seal and apart from providing a good grip, it’s also shock resistant. The front is wrapped up by the plastic which keeps the display safe. The stoppers made of Rubber Silicon keep the liquids and dust out of the keys. Seidio OBEX goes for $80.

Regardless of which case you choose, using one will offer more protection than not.

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