Ubuntu 12.10 Named As Quantal Quetzal, Will Debut In October

Posted on Apr 24 2012 - 6:34am by Editorial Staff

Ubuntu’s founder Mark Shuttleworth has announced that version 12.10 of the operating system Ubuntu will be known as Quantal Quetzal that will debut in October. The animal portion will represents the new look the operating system is going to debut it while “Quantal” appears to be derived from the new virtualized network Quantum that we will see in the version 12.10.

Here is an excerpt of Mark Shuttleworth post:

12.04 being an LTS we’ve been minding our P’s and Q’s, but many of our quality-oriented practices from 12.04 LTS will continue into Q territory. We’ll keep the platform usable throughout the cycle, because that helped hugely to encourage daily use of the release, which in turn gives us much better feedback on questions of quality. And we’ll ratchet up the continuous integration, smoke testing and automated benchmarking of the release, since we can do it all in the cloud. We have, so to speak, stacks and stacks of cloud to use.

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