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Posted on Apr 19 2017 - 8:37pm by Editorial Staff

Just a few years ago mobile gambling was still a novelty that not many online slot players really understood or wanted to take part in. The world is not the same, though, and today smartphones are with us virtually all the time. Hence, they’re used for online gambling on a daily basis, too and, as iPhones are some of the most popular mobile devices in the world, it’s hardly a surprise that online casinos have developed top-notch iPhone gambling apps, designed to match the iOS devices perfectly.

Back when mobile slots were a new occurrence in the iGaming world, it was easy to see why players would be reluctant to give them a shot. They simply weren’t on a par with their online slot counterparts, so why would anyone settle for less?

Today, it’s a whole different story, as iPhone slots are just as flawless as their online slot versions. The sound, the animations, the design, the special features, the Free Spins – it’s all just as it is on their desktop versions, so there’s no reason to overlook them.

If anything, iPhone apps are at an advantage compared to online slots. The reason is pretty obvious – you can play them whenever you feel like it, no matter where you are. As long as your iPhone is with you, so are all the iPhone casinos in the world. This convenience is probably the main reason mobile slots and mobile casinos are as popular as they are – they are always several taps of the finger away.

Additionally, while online casino bonuses and promotions used to be reserved for online casinos only, they’re just as present in mobile casinos today, as well. Basically, if you used to avoid playing iPhone games in iPhone casinos because you knew you couldn’t use bonuses on them, that reason is no longer valid as they’re most likely available in their mobile casinos, as well.

While there are still casinos that don’t offer their full assortment of online casino games in their mobile versions, this is changing on the daily and more and more casinos work on having just as fully stocked mobile casinos as their desktop counterparts.

Similarly, websites that exist solely for the purpose of giving you the freshest info from the iGaming world, letting you claim heaps of casino bonuses from one place and providing you with unbiased game and casino reviews are now optimized for iOS devices, as well.

That is why today you can download your very own AskGamblers iPhone App and get all the necessary online gambling info quickly and easily. Plus, since you can enable push notifications, you can also have the most relevant info delivered straight to your iPhone – zero effort required on your part. Not bad for the advancement of technology, is it?

All in all, it is clear that the face of iGaming has changed in the past years and is now more and more focused on its mobile sphere. Now, go grab your iPhone, browse the web for the best iPhone casinos and have fun winning directly on your smartphone!

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