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Posted on Oct 5 2015 - 4:18pm by Editorial Staff

You can’t get along nowadays without a couple of top-notch tech websites and experienced app users telling you which android apps you need to keep an eye on.  Like it or not, there are just way too many mobile apps being created on a daily basis for us to be constantly on alert. At the end of the day, it’s just time consuming to go through various lists and charts searching for top free apps. What people appreciate most is when the scouting team or any app enthusiast for that matter delivers them precise, easy-to-navigate and cool information about best apps. No fancy punch lines, too many words or other mind-numbing stuff, just valuable information.


Best Free Android Apps

When drafting new apps for your phone, it’s always good to have diversity. It’s like picking a team roster for a game of basketball. In other words, why not download few apps useful for enhancing productivity to lead the offense during work hours, couple of creative news delivery options to keep up the pace, hobby-based apps to provide space when stress and boredom attacks and, last but not least, some cool games to have fun and finish with style. We live alongside Net Generation, so enjoy with them as much as possible. Plus, if you like to keep things interesting, there are many extra deals they offer from time to time like incentives for ordering things by phone, getting additional space on your cloud or, when time allows, try to earn few extra bucks with latest 2015 mobile casino bonuses. If you think alongside these lines too, here are few apps that you might find to be very useful.


  1. Cleaner – An obvious defensive choice and the number one in this selection for sure. It gives you more space, effective battery tips and more power.
  2. Pocket – You can basically save all the articles and videos you prefer in an easy-to-navigate storage. Unlimited space and offline work possibility – a practical all-round player by your side.
  3. Navfree – All the options of a GPS are available in the offline mode. It can save you a lot of time and money.
  4. LokLok – This is maybe the coolest app in this list. You can leave notes, pictures and drawings on your friends’ lock screens. The star of the selection, no doubt about it.
  5. Cocktail Flow – Instead of a game, try this one. It is so simple and so much fun. You can mix drinks the way they are supposed to be mixed, get good tips and so much more. Just show faith and check this underdog out.

Now, you may know some of these apps, maybe even all. At the end of the day, they are already popular and were not created yesterday. Suggestions were based on intensive user experience, personal satisfaction and confidence that these apps could prove to be useful for you as well. For example, some people only recently found out Pocket even though it was quite famous already. The intention is simply to spread out the word. So, alongside the hall of fame apps such as WhatsUp, Dropbox and Gmail, this article gives you top five free android apps which are going to get the job done. Give them a go.

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