Meet AirTame 2, Comes With Dual Core+ CPU, Vivante GC2000 Chip And More

Posted on Oct 10 2018 - 4:04pm by Editorial Staff

The last time, we saw AirTame, we were in awe of its screen mirroring capabilities and how effortlessly it worked. Today, the Danish company, launched a new version of its flagship product, and one can easily say that it is no longer just a screen mirroring device. AirTame 2 will change the way you think about screens altogether and be blown away by how much you can do with a collaborative screen.

To begin with, the company AirTame, started with a simple vision to remove cables from professional environments. The overwhelming support it received in 2014, was seen in record breaking collections of their crowdfunding campaign. Users were keen to use AirTame and the company has shipped more than 100,000 till date. But apart from the increase in sales over the past two years, the company has also been keen on seeking user feedbacks and what more could be delivered to the customer. AirTame 2 is the product of all the research and incorporation of user ideas of what the product could also offer.

Released today, the AirTame 2, comes with a Dual Core+ CPU, Vivante GC2000 chip, four shader cores and 4 X 512 MB RAM, gearing it for new generation of screen sharing. This higher capacity firmware ensures that you can share highly quality content on your screens without any delays. AirTame 2 can handle screen outputs at 1920 X 1080 resolution which includes a frame rate of upto 60 frames per second as against the 30 frames per second that the original AirTame handle.

Powered by a new Broadcom Wi-Fi chip, AirTame 2 has twice the range and five times the processing capacity of its precursor, making in easier to use in larger rooms and for high quantity content as well. So, if you plan to use the AirTame 2 in class room, you need be tethered to a point, where you cannot with the device. Instead, you can roam around freely and interact with your students as well.

The AirTame also allows you to get rid of dull and boring screens in your offices and showcase high quality content to keep your staff or customers engaged. Connecting screens with AirTame is as easy as child’s play and you can connect to AirTame 2 with a wide range of devices such as desktops, tablets, smartphones and across platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS and Android. No matter, what device you use, you can connect to an AirTame screen in just a few seconds and begin projecting media on it.

In case, you are worried about unauthorized displays on your screens, AirTame devices come with a PIN code connect option, allowing restricted access to users. But with great power comes great responsibility and if you are the system admin for an organization that uses a large number of AirTame devices, you would expect yourself to be on your feet all the time, shuttling between rooms and ironing out connectivity issues. Well, not really. AirTame’s cloud based central console lets you not only monitor but also manage devices while you sit comfortably in your office. You can even control remotely located devices with just a single console. Now, that’s called a dream job.

Education is a major focus area for AirTame and the company has ensured that its devices work effortlessly in school environments too. Devices and their software is designed to be used by students and teachers alike and all it takes to connect to a device is two clicks on the AirTame app. Teachers can move across classrooms and project content from their own devices without fussing about wires, connectors and connectivity issues. Two clicks and the class can begin.

AirTame 2 comes with an additional security feature of the Kensington lock that allows you to place your devices in public places without the fear of theft. The addition of a magnetic wall mount now further reduces the hassle of drilling holes in the walls to set up devices while giving you the freedom to move the displays around as you desire. AirTame 2 is also equipped with a intuitive LED that instantly lets you know the device status, active, standby or in update mode, letting you take further actions with a simple glance at the device itself.

Retailing at $399 a device, AirTame 2 comes with a standard one year warranty and world class customer support, irrespective of the number of the devices you buy. AirTame recently launched HomeScreen come free for every user and can be used to create high quality displays using apps like Google Slides, Trello and others that you regularly use. The device is extremely scalable. It comes with a easy to understand user manual to help you set it up yourself, in case you do not have a system admin in-house or you could use a control multiple devices from central location using cloud computing. AirTame 2 will rapidly change the way displays work around us and is available now!

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