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Posted on Oct 16 2018 - 12:44pm by Editorial Staff

If your job involves a lot of travelling and giving presentations to your clients or even your own company staff, then you must be fully aware of the pains that you have to go through to share the presentation. Getting the presentation to the right people at the right time and relying on them to locate it on the day of the event involves too much reliance on strangers on the day of your main event. Or you need to part with your laptop in a public space? Is that a risk you are willing to take? With CrowdBeamer, you can avoid all this hassle, before and after your presentation. Let me tell you how.

As an entrepreneur, who travels often to events, I would often have to make my presentations well in advance. Not that it was a problem for me. The problem I had was ensuring that I was sending the presentation to the right person in the organization. Usually, the person making first contact and handling the logistics is not the person you email your slides to. So, now you need to go through the long threads of email to find out who the right person is and then follow up with them, whether the presentation was received, in correct file format, with all slides playing out properly and ensuring right up to the previous day that the person is indeed getting the presentation to the event site. Now, if that is not pure wastage of time, tell me what is.

With CrowdBeamer, I found an extremely simple way of sharing my slides with the people present at any event. Not only do you have the freedom to incorporate new data into the slides right up to the time you go online, you also have complete control of your device. Simply plug CrowdBeamer to your device, whether a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone and go live in a matter of seconds. At any event, there is always a speaker introduction, and nobody really listens to it. Just ask your audience to download the CrowdBeamer app, while the introduction is going on and you are set to go.

The CrowdBeamer device does not only connect to projectors and screens around you, but also to all devices that have the CrowdBeamer app. So, instead of expecting your audience to focus on a screen and take notes, listeners can simply see the slides on their own device and then add their own notes to these slides. Once done, they can simple save the presentation on their own device, with their own notes. Definitely, this is the most interactive way of getting your message across.

CrowdBeamer lets you share anything you want in a safe and secure manner. Since your device is always under your control, nobody has access to sensitive information on your computer or even gets a glimpse of your wallpaper, while you share your thoughts on a particular topic. CrowdBeamer works extremely well for board meetings, brain-storming sessions, in schools, college auditorium, absolutely anywhere you might present and be inclined to give out handouts. The CrowdBeamer app saves you the trouble to giving out handouts, too, because your engaged audience has already taken down notes of what is of interest to them.

Once you are done with your presentation, nobody needs to walk up to you and handover their contact details so that you can email them the slides later. It is already done and you can pick up the conversation at what they would really like from you and how your product or service can help them. No small talk. No following up leads, weeks from your presentation. Get onto lead conversion, the moment you step down from the stage.

What is even better, is that CrowdBeamer works in an offline setting too. No large screen to display your slides? Are you discussing your product over a coffee at the airport? Simply pull out the CrowdBeamer and the client’s smartphone or computer becomes the screen and you can jump into the conversation right away.

CrowdBeamer comes in two variants, Go and Enterprise. CrowdBeamer Go can help you connect with up to 25 screens at a time and with a client pack you can even connect with 75 devices at a time. The Enterprise version connects with 100 devices out of the box and can be extended to 175 participants with additional client packs.

Weighing just 459 grams, CrowdBeamer, comes with a QuickStart User Guide, a charger and a unique activation code inside the box. The code also gives you an additional two years warranty over the product that assures free support and firmware updates in the extended warranty period. CrowdBeamer is available offline only through channel distributors and partners who can help you with a free demo and custom installations that will suit your office infrastructure and requirements. So, book your free online demo today and get started on the CrowdBeamer journey to change the way your presentations work for you.

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