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Posted on Jul 31 2018 - 7:01am by Editorial Staff

Remember the near credits scene from recent Marvel movie, where our superhero uses his laptop as a large screen to watch a movie? Well, to his benefit, the superhero is capable of shrinking himself to the size of ants but that can’t be our story. Luckily, for us, there is AirTame, a simply plug and play device that can instantly take you away from the small screen of your smartphone and wireless display to the big large displays around you. Whether you want to show off your presentation or use it for educational purposes, AirTame, lets you do this instantly and with grace. Let’s check out what the device has to offer.

First of all, AirTame is a device for all ages. Whether the user is a college going student or a company head, there is simply no installation needed for AirTame to run. All you need to do is plug in the device into the HDMI port of the screen you want your content to be displayed on. That’s it, you are ready to go. This is the true incarnation of plug and play. You can start mirroring your screen right away. It simply does not matter, whether you are a Mac user, a Windows loyalist or an Ubuntu purist. AirTame works equally well for all platforms and simply does not discriminate. Who cares, whether you have the right adapter or not, when you have a sublime device like AirTame.

How often are we caught in a situation without your laptop and somebody wanting to see those slides right away? Thanks, to the cloud, you will always have a copy on your phone, but the screen surface area is never going to be good enough to make a lasting impression. With AirTame, you can simply borrow the nearest HDMI enabled display and mirror your phone in seconds. Believe it or not, displays are all around us these days, from hotel lobbies to common areas in offices and AirTame can help you tame that display in a matter of seconds…. Every single time.

There is absolutely no limit on what you choose to display on your screens or the way you want to display it. You can get as creative and as interactive as you want. Right from the ultra-professional real time monitoring to extremely casual social media interactions, custom images or your public website, you can show case anything you want on the screen. Whether it is one screen or multiple, AirTame works like a charm. So, don’t bother yourself with wires and cables, when you control screens wirelessly.

Anything that you want displayed using AirTame, runs through a web browser. So, you can choose to put your computer off and still run a display or simply change the URL to be loaded and see displays change in real time. If you are responsible for multiple displays, then you will love the AirTame Cloud, which lets you control screens even in another city with equal ease. Even in case, you need to troubleshoot, you do not have to leave your office. With AirTame, you can get work done without being onsite. If the marketing department in your company is a large team, you can even invite multiple users to the cloud account and set up admin privileges for them. If you need to handle it alone, then why not use the Group option that treats multiple devices as one and applies your new settings in a single go across all devices.

Just in case, you are a little worried about strengths and speed of Wi-Fi networks, you can always use an Ethernet adaptor for better internet connectivity. Screen mirroring still stays, wireless. AirTame can work across WPA2 Enterprise networks and at both, 2.4GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. AirTame is even flexible the way you power it. So, whether it is an AC adapter, micro- USB or even a PoE, AirTame will power through your screen cast. In case, your company is still using a VGA/ DVI projector, AirTame can still be used with a simple HDMI adapter. No hassle at all.

AirTame comes with lifetime of free updates and free tech support (in the rare event you need it) over email, phone call or even social media platforms. Each AirTame costs $299 and $249 if you buy 10 or more in one go. AirTame ships quickly and should reach you within a week. Open the pack, use it and in case you do not like it, you can simply send it back. No questions asked if you return the product within 30 days.

At home, at work, in schools or on the go, AirTame just works. It’s all you ever need to do your presentations or enjoy your entertainment, when you want it. No more wires, no more adapters. Just plug and start playing!

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