Top Features To Expect From Your Cloud Hosting Service Provider

Posted on Oct 8 2018 - 11:44am by Editorial Staff

Cloud Hosting has gained immense popularity in recent years. Cloud Hosting is packed with a wide array of features making it one of the best hosting options to choose from. In this article, we will look at the top features that you must expect from your Cloud Hosting Service Provider.

Quick Deployment

The Cloud Hosting provider should allow you to use the package almost instantly. There shouldn’t be any unwarranted delays or elaborate set-up processes. This is one of the basic features of Cloud Hosting which allows you to understand the service centricity of the provider.

Easy Scalability

Increase the resources when you experience high traffic and cut them down during lull periods. Scalability is the most talked about feature of Cloud Hosting today. Check if the provider has set some limits on the amount of scalability. Also, check if you can scale up or down instantly or if there is an elaborate process involved.

Fully Managed Hosting

When using the services of a Cloud Hosting service provider you must ensure that all hardware and operating system upgrades, security fixes and port accesses are managed by their team of experts. Also, you must get a cPanel access (for FREE) to monitor the overall performance of your website.

Better page load speed

Page load speed is crucial to establish the image of a brand who values the time of its customers. Many types of research have suggested that users abandon a website if it takes more than 2-3 seconds to load. This makes page load speeds absolutely critical. Many good providers use caching servers (like Varnish Cache) to ensure that the page load speed is up by around 1000%.

Redundant storage solutions

Content is the king and your data needs as much protection as it can get. What is the redundancy plan of the provider? Many providers deploy storage architectures, like Ceph Storage, to offer a 3N redundancy. This ensures that a single point of failure cannot affect your data in the cloud.

24×7 Support

Your website is working 24×7. Customers can visit your site anytime. What do you do if there is a problem that needs urgent assistance? A provider should offer expert assistance 24x7x365.

Free and Easy Data Migration

Unless you are starting a new website, you would need the cloud provider to offer an easy and free migration of data from your current hosting type. There should also be a team of experts to help you with the migration.

Summing up

A good Cloud Hosting service provider will ensure that the above-mentioned features are offered in the hosting plan along with other benefits like easy billing options and premium applications which can be installed with a single click. Check for these features before you purchase a cloud hosting plan for your website.

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