Google Investing $120 Million On ‘Google Experience Centre’ And On Hardware Testing Facilities

Posted on Feb 13 2012 - 7:52am by Editorial Staff

Google – commonly known by its tag name world’s largest search engine giant is reportedly bolstering its campus with the new testing facilities for consumer devices. The company is in the midst of more than $120 million in construction projects at its Mountain View headquarters – including work on its “secret” hardware testing labs that strongly indicates the company expanding interests in consumer devices.

The San Jose Mercury News laid out the $120-million expansion plans for the Googleplex, which include wireless testing facilities for a new group known as “Google/@home.” The group’s projects sound very similar to the Google’s home entertainment device we hear about recently. The latter is apparently a 120,000-square-foot private exhibition space where Google can show off its latest ideas and technology to important clients and partners. Other notable additions include what appears to be a top-secret precision optics lab for something called “Project X,” which may be a part of Sergey Brin’s Google X, and a Google Experience Center.

“The Experience Center would not typically be open to the public — consisting of invited groups, and guests whose interests will be as vast as Google’s range of products, and often confidential,” Andrew Burnett, an architect working on the project, explained in a letter late last year to Mountain View officials. “Therefore, the Experience Center must also operate somewhat like a museum, exhibit, or mercantile space allowing flexibility in the exhibits so that as Google’s products and needs change, the space can adapt.”

The expansion plans might be somehow strongly show and putting more emphasis on the rumors that the company is closer in officially acquiring Motorola, suggesting Google is making its way into the hardware market. Seeing towards Google rivals – Apple and Microsoft already have an extensive hardware testing facilities on their campuses – well with this company is trying to make all possible marks to make a huge “future” benefits.

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