Are Electric Cars Really Green?

Posted on Nov 10 2014 - 9:29am by Alexandra Ashton

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Electric cars represent a significant attempt in our pursuit of a greener lifestyle. There is a growing need for lifestyle change around the world. More and more people are realizing the importance of introducing ecological changes. Environmental problems have become an important part of our lives and the consciousness about that is slowly but surely evolving. People are trying to live greener and to include environmental choices in all aspects of their lives. The world is full of new possibilities from solar charger for mobile phones to recyclable garbage bags. There is no better time for a change in car industry than now when the gas prices are rising and gas emission and pollution are increasing. Electric cars have raised the attempt of green living to a whole new level. They are considered to be the solution for all of our problems with carbon emissions. Electric cars are zero emissions cars, which basically means that is the perfect car for clean living. But, not all people would agree with that.

They are all agreeing that electric cars are emitting no carbon emissions while driving but there are lot disagreements about the whole life cycle of electric cars. Not only that production of electric cars produces a lot of environmental problems but also end life cycle. Manufacturing of electric cars is producing great environmental costs like emission of CO2, which is almost double than when it comes to conventional cars. If you are driving in US you need to pass nearly 50,000 miles for your electric car to start showing green benefits compared to the standard car. But when driving in countries where the majority of power is provided by hydroelectricity, if you drove an electric car for 150,000 km you would see a 25% improvement on harmful emissions compared to a conventional car. Check out this interesting infographic for more information about green nature of electric cars.


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