Top DIY Hobby Pairings You Can Try At Home

Posted on Feb 25 2019 - 7:01am by Editorial Staff

With the proliferation of resources online and the abundance of local and worldwide communities that share your interests, it’s never been easier to start a DIY project or dive into a new hobby. You might even try a couple of new activities. In fact, there are some DIY at-home hobbies that pair really well together. These are a few you might consider and some of the gadgets you can use to help ensure good results.

Wine and Cheese Pairings With Charcuterie Boards

You can spend a lifetime studying wine or cheese, and many people make hobbies or lucrative careers from these interests. But wine and cheese pair together so well that if you have an interest in either area, it’s worth exploring the other.

You’ll find a wealth of gadgets related to these interests, from simple essentials like serving sets and slicers to things like preservation systems and aerators if you’d really like to impress your guests.

DIY Home Brewing and Vaping

If you prefer beer to wine, home brewing might be more to your taste. But this is only one of a few unique hobbies that involve niche kitchen equipment, fun recipes, and the patience to see your batches through.

Most people know that you can prepare beer at home if you’ve got the right equipment and the time and devotion needed to ferment, carbonate, and bottle your own drinks. But did you know that you can also prep your own vape juice at home? While only 1 in 20 Americans vape compared to the much more popular consumption of beer, which roughly 50 percent of Americans enjoy, there’s plenty of overlap between these activities. If you fall into this category, try both brewing your own beer and making your own vape juice.

One of the most fun things about these activities is that there are tons of gadgets to play with. For beer, you’ll get to use things like a ferment and airlock. Vape juice, though less complicated than beer prep, still requires niche tools like dropper caps and pipettes. You can also explore modern kitchen gadgets like scales and calculator apps to get the most out of your batches.

Gardening and Cooking

Much like wine and cheese, gardening and cooking are wonderful activities to pair together. If you garden, it’s only natural that you prepare your own ingredients. But you can spice things up by growing a wider variety of foods or planting things for a specific meal you’d like to try. And if you’re already into cooking, you’ll love the satisfaction that comes with serving food grown in soil you’ve carefully tended.

Both of these areas are also great for gadget lovers. Precision cookers and scales will make you feel like a real pro. In your garden, you’ll love working with tools like self-watering vases, string cutters, and hanging planters. It’s good to have a hobby, but it’s even better to have a complementary interest to help you get the most out of your favorite activities. Try these pairings out, whether you’re looking for inspiration for a new project or just want to try your hand at a new DIY venture.

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