8 Ways Your Car Can Already Drive Itself

Posted on Nov 11 2014 - 8:55am by Alexandra Ashton

8 Ways Your Car Can Already Drive Itself Main

Technological innovations constantly surprise us all. Things that you could not even imagine are now becoming a reality. It’s amazing just to imagine what all could be done in the future, right? When it comes to cars, there was a lot improvements achieved through the years. Once upon a time, people could not even imagine the possibility of driving in cars, let alone that one day it would be possible for almost each family to have at least one car. The automotive industry leaves a lot of opportunities to upgrade no matter how much the cars have improved so far. Not only you can choose between a large numbers of models but I also have never been easier to choose that one perfect car that best suits your personality and your preferences.

Automotive industry still offers a lot of possibilities. Well, maybe flying cars are still not available, at least not the broad masses, but there are so many other equally incredible opportunities. For example, did you know that numerous examples of autonomous technology are already available in modern cars? Do you know what that means? This means that today there are ways in which your car can drive itself. Did you know that BMW, Nissan, General Motors, Mercedes and Cadillac all plan to offer highly automated vehicles by 2020? But why wait till 2020? Even today there are some amazing implementations of autonomous technology like night – vision.

When using night – vision infra-red sensors act as eyes for the car, warning the driver of pedestrians or animals ahead. These are displayed on a sat-nav screen or heads-up display. That can increase reaction time to potential hazards which can save many lives. Not only pedestrians or animals will be a lot safer but also you will have less to worry about when driving. Read this infographic for more information about driverless car.

8 Ways Your Car Can Already Drive Itself

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