7 Tips For Making Your ‘Mommy Blog’ Stand Out from the Rest

Posted on Feb 5 2014 - 10:41am by Editorial Staff


Being a mom comes with a an incredible array of stories and struggles, challenges and achievements, and in an age where everyone can tell their tale with a free, professional-looking blog hosted by a site such as WordPress, it’s natural to want to share your unique experiences with the world.

The problem, however, is making it unique. Everyone and their mother have a blog. In this case, that’s not just a metaphor. Mommy blogs are absolutely everywhere.

In a sea awash with mommy blogs, is there room for another? Yes! But follow this guide to making it stand out.

Tell Your Story

There is simply no more room for generic parenting tips, tricks, or what-to-expects. Those bases have been covered more times than you can count. Give a tip that your mother told you. Relate a strategy that worked for your family. Tell a story about something you did wrong. Have a ridiculously difficult time choosing a nursery crib? Tell the story.

The only mommy blogs that can succeed in such an overdone genre are the ones that speak from the heart and from personal experience.

Become a Photographer and Video Nut

Chances are, you’re taking a ton of pictures and (hopefully) videos anyway. By including them in your blog, not only are you adding compelling content, but you’re giving yourself a catalog of all your little one’s finest moments.

A warning, though: Don’t treat your blog as your digital scrapbook. You know who wants to see your baby pictures? You. You and maybe some family members and probably your kid when he or she grows up. The blogosphere does not. Use your photos to let your personality shine through with funny or informative captions and clever video editing.

Think Way Outside the Box

Did you make a DIY Halloween costume for your kid? Did you come up with a good white lie to get him to go to bed on time? Did you trick him into eating an egg by putting it in a milkshake? Let it all hang out.

Again, this blog must be yours and yours alone. People want personality and personal insight. We know to heat a bottle by putting it in hot water instead of the microwave. We want a voyeur’s glimpse into your crazy world.

Post Regularly

Whether your baby is a Chevrolet or an actual baby, the key to blogging is to post compelling content as frequently as humanly possible. When someone checks your blog only to find yesterday’s same old dry content, they’re likely to ditch you for one of your gazillion mommy blogger peers. Your blog is your second baby. It needs love and attention.

Reveal the Dark Side

People always smile when they pose for pictures. Even though we don’t walk around our whole lives with big Ronald McDonald grins plastered on our faces — it would be kind of creepy if we did — if you only knew people through their photographs, it would appear that things were awesome all the time. Same with mommy blogs. Baby’s first solid food! Baby plays with a puppy at the pet store! Baby sure made a mess out of that spaghetti!

Moms who are reading your blog are going through a lot of ups with their baby — and a whole lot of downs. If your blog is an exposé on the joys — and only the joys — of motherhood, it won’t be relatable because it’s not realistic. Don’t be afraid to show the dark side of parenting — it gives a great opportunity for dark, relatable humor. If nothing else, you’ll let them know they’re not alone.


This should fall into the goes-without-saying category, but for some reason, so many bloggers neglect one of the most important and fulfilling parts of blogging: creating dialogue. Giving people a forum to express their thoughts is only cool if they get the chance to engage the author. Turn your comments section on and set the features on the back end of your blog to notify you by email when someone leaves a comment. Unless you’re bombarded with spam, or profane or offensive comments, let them post live without moderation. Then — and this is important — respond right away!


Get a guest blogger. Guest bloggers are awesome for you, your audience, and the guest author. Your voice is your own, and that’s why people flock to your blog, but spicing things up with a different point of view is going to add flavor to your blog. Invite people whose blogs you enjoy, and offer them a link to their blog in exchange. They’ll get new readers — or at least increased exposure — you’ll add depth and new perspective to your publication, and your readers get a new attitude and an introduction to someone new.

Blogging is awesome. It’s not that much different from parenting. It requires constant attention, passion, patience, and perseverance. With those ingredients, the possibilities are endless. Read other blogs for inspiration, but remember, you have an awesome story to tell. Tell it, and tell it your own way.

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