How To Maintain Your Printer By Yourself

Posted on Feb 3 2014 - 9:44am by Muhammad Azam


Printers are regularly used in the offices and households which makes them important part of our lives. The busy routine of our lives don’t permit us to go for printer maintenance which makes our printers to cause paper jams and bad quality printing. It is better to understand that taking care of your printer is as important as your Laptop or Personal Computer. Scheduled maintenance is a time consuming exercise for you but it can save lot of costs involved in printer wear and tear, plus the maintenance can also save you on the amount of ink cartridge you use for printing. Paper jam and bad quality printing will not be a problem once you have incorporated managed print services within a scheduled time. So let’s see what we can do for our printers to stay healthy and longer.

Maintaining your Laser Printer

If laser printer is your machine then the first thing you should do is to understand the basic working of laser printers. Laser printer uses a beam of laser to print by consuming dry ink from the toner cartridge. You can assess the problem in your laser printer by judging the printouts. Blur printout suggest the low ink in your toner cartridge and if the printouts become lighter and lighter then you must replace the toner cartridge so that this problem can be solved. Buying toner online is the best way to save your time and cost because retail shops don’t give you any deals on cartridge purchase but online purchase can offer you best price and deals in cartridge purchase.

Sometime the laser printer print streaks on paper which clearly suggest that toner need to be cleaned. So you must turn off the printer and remove the attached cables for your safety. The next thing is to remove paper trays so that you can open the printer cover and get the toner cartridge out of printer and place the toner cartridge on clean paper. After that you must get clean cloth for cleaning inside of printer. Some printers do come with a small cleaning brush for cleaning the toner residual from the difficult spots but otherwise you can also use lint-free cloth. The residual from cartridge look like black powder which can be easily cleaned. Next you must clean rollers of the printer by using small cotton swab. You can use alcohol in order to moist the cotton swab and then you can clean the rollers. The outside of printer also need cleaning so that dust particles are removed. Many plastic cleaners are available in market which you can use it to clean the outer surface of your laser printer. Once you have clean all the components the last thing you should do is to wipe down paper trays by using clean cloth and now turn on the printer for a test run. You can finish the maintenance by giving a command for blank page so that any dust left or toner residual can be removed easily.

Maintaining your Inkjet printer

If you have got inkjet printer then you must be aware of its basic function so that you can perform the maintenance by yourself. Inkjet Printer works by placing small dots of ink on paper to form image. Sometime the print head nozzles get clogged by the ink residual which reduces the print quality of your printer. So you must turn off your printer and remove the cables so that you can place the printer at some suitable location for cleaning. After removing the pages from the printer get access to the ink cartridges and paper rollers. Next you must check if you see and ink spots and stains on inside. Now you can clean the surface by using cotton swab moistened with alcohol.

Next you must clean the paper rollers by gentle rubbing of cotton swab using alcohol. Always use clean cotton swab for cleaning. Next thing is to wipe the inside section of printer with clean lint free cloth, so that all dust particles and residual can be removed easily. After cleaning printer from inside you must clean the printer from outside as well by using plastic cleaner to wipe the printer using a cloth. After finishing the manual cleaning of printer you must get back printer to its usual place. Plug the cables and turn on the printer for performing printers’ software check. Go to the manufacturer’s toolbox utility and perform the on screen print head cleaning cycle and “Clean the printer cartridges” option accordingly. Follow the on screen instructions to check the printer status. In order to make your ink cartridge clog free you must print few pages in a week to keep the nozzle clear from ink residual.

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