5 Factors To Consider Before You Buy A Webdomain

Posted on Feb 19 2014 - 9:57am by Ted Garza


Getting the proper name for your website is essential for the overall success of your online venture. A good name will help you brand your website because it is what will lead visitors to your site and it is the first thing they will see when they get into your website. Before you purchase any webdomain, you should bear a few factors in mind to ensure that you get a good name.

The length of the name

Your webdomain should be short and concise. Long web addresses can confuse your customers in a number of ways. Long names are difficult to remember and the customers have high chances of typing in the wrong name while searching for your business. Short names, on the other hand, are easy to remember and there is less risk of a customer typing in the wrong name while searching for your business.

Avoid the use of certain characters

You should avoid the use of characters such as dashes, hyphens, numbers and other symbols. A webdomain with such characters is not easy to remember and it can easily confuse your potential visitors. Besides, having such characters in your web address provides loopholes for hackers, which can gain access to your site and cause serious damages.

Have your potential clients in mind

While searching for the domain name for your business, you should try and figure out what kind of people will be visiting the website, or at least consider the niche you are in and make the webdomain reflect the niche as much as possible. You should not choose a name that only appeals to you. Well, it could be a nice name in your opinion but a terrible choice to your customers and this can hurt the success of your business.

Use unique names that are not trademarked by any other business

Your webdomain should be unique and it should not reflect any other names that have been trademarked by other companies. You should also avoid variations of trademark names as this will be a copyright infringement and it is unethical and against the law at the same time.

In order to come up with unique webdomains, you can use a keyword related to your business to be part of the domain. For instance, if you are dealing with making boats, you can have the word “boats” as part of your domain name.

Choose the right extension

Having the right extension for your webdomain is very important in setting apart your business from the rest and in establishing it as an authority. The most common extension for businesses is a .com; therefore, you should avoid extensions such as .org or .me if you are setting up a business website.

The factors listed above will help you immensely in your search for a new and unique webdomain for your business. There are a number of tools available online which you can use to come up with some good ideas of domain names. Be informed that having the right domain is the first step towards having a successful website.

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