Yahoo Admits CEO Falsely Claimed To Have Computer Science Degree, Says It ‘Inadvertent Error’, Will “Review” Resume Discrepancy of CEO

Posted on May 4 2012 - 4:25am by Editorial Staff

In a latest wit to come from Third Point’s Daniel Lob is that alleged that Yahoo’s CEO Scott Thompson does not hold a computer science degree as he claims. Thompson did graduate from Stonehill College; he received a degree only in accounting and not computer science. Yahoo confirmed the allegation to AllThingsD, calling it an “inadvertent error” and stating that it “in no way alters that fact that Mr. Thompson is a highly qualified executive.”

“If there is a good explanation for the apparent discrepancies regarding the academic records of Mr. Thompson and Ms. Hart, we are confident that it will be provided promptly,” wrote Loeb in a letter to Yahoo’s board today. “However, in the event that there is no good explanation, we expect the Board to take immediate action.”

Loeb also alleged that Hart changed her degree from Illinois State College from business administration to a loftier economics and marketing. And Yahoo admitted it was so, noting the director had a business administration degree, with a specialty in economics and marketing — whatever that means.

Yahoo statement: “Scott Thompson’s degree at Stonehill College was in bachelor science in accounting. There was an inadvertent error that stated Mr. Thompson also holds a degree in computer science. This, in no way, alters that fact that Mr. Thompson is a highly qualified executive with a successful track record leading large consumer technology companies. Under Mr. Thompson’s leadership, Yahoo! is moving forward to grow the company and drive shareholder value.”

Yahoo later on released another statement that its board will “review” today’s disclosure that the bio of its CEO Scott Thompson contained an error related to his educational achievements and make “appropriate disclosure” about what happened. On both the Web site and in the regulatory filings of the Silicon Valley Internet giant, Thompson is described as having a degree in both computer science and accounting from Stone Hill College. He does not have a degree in computer science from the Boston-based school, but does have a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration (Accounting).

Yahoo said in full in its statement: “In connection with the statement the company made earlier today about Scott Thompson, the Yahoo! board will be reviewing this matter, and upon completion of its review, will make an appropriate disclosure to shareholders.”

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