Understanding CoolSculpting And The Body Parts It Can Treat

Posted on Apr 6 2018 - 6:09pm by Editorial Staff

Gone are the days when individuals turned to the strenuous and time-consuming activities like weight lifting and aerobics in an attempt to get rid of excess body fat. Technological advancements in cosmetic surgery have made it possible for virtually everyone to lose weight and achieve their desired body shape through CoolSculpting. This fat-freezing technique is not only revolutionary but has also replaced the more invasive fat reduction and removal techniques like liposuction.

Unlike most other fat reduction techniques that mostly involve redistribution of the fat cells around your body, CoolSculpting freezes these cells. Ideally, the process involves killing these fat cells and subsequently eliminating the chances of this problem recurring in future. The non-surgical and non-intrusive process can be used to treat some parts of the body including:


Thighs are the biggest culprit when it comes to accumulation of body fat. This explains why most gym equipment involves exercising this body part. These exercises, however, don’t wear you out, they are also quite time-consuming and sap your everyday energy levels. You can, however, choose the less strenuous and painless CoolSculpting procedure as it helps achieve similar thigh-toning results faster.

Tummy Fat

Almost everyone desires a flat tummy. Whether your struggle with a protruding belly arises from a recent gain in weight or postpartum tummy, you can always turn to the safe CoolSculpting procedure. The notion that tummy fat is harder to eliminate calls for more strenuous exercising,but this idea is not recommended for other body parts like arms or thighs.Interestingly, the standard CoolSculpting applicator, from which all others have developed from, targeted tummy fat reduction.

The tummy also has the most extensive fat deposits in the body thus exposes an individual to the risk of fat accumulation recurring as soon they get off the diet or stop exercising.

Additionally, most of these strenuous exercises are only suitable for healthy individuals. On the other hand, the FDA approved sculpting technique is safe for all individuals including new mums and any other person whose physical or health challenges prevent them from exercising.

Love Handles

Typical love handles should be lean and toned. In most cases, they diminish an individual’s self-esteem when they protrude on the sides of the belly. They also aren’t easy to eliminate even with a change of diet and ab exercises. An advancement of the CoolSculpting process known as DualSculpting comes in handy when you need to hasten the reduction of this fat cells without subjecting your body to strenuous and often painful exercises.

Chin And Neck

While the chin and neck also contain significant amounts of fat cells that balloon with the slightest weight gain, they are the hardest to exercise. The drive to get rid of a double chin, therefore, forced most people to seek surgical weight loss operations like liposuction with others turning to chemical injections. However, the CoolMini device, an advancement of the standard CoolSculpting technique, was developed with the aim of helping you restore your chin contours. The hand-held device also works on the accumulation of fat around the neck.

How Does CoolsSulpting Work?

This procedure involves freezing and in effect inactivating fat cells in these areas that are then excreted from the body as toxins. Note that since cell inactivation and excretion is a natural process, CoolsSulpting doesn’t guarantee immediate results. Nonetheless, the fact that cell removal is irreversible means that you don’t have to worry about weight gain in future. CoolScupling is, however, aspecialized cosmetic procedure that requires the services of competent cosmetic surgery professionals.

Bottom line

Excessive weight gain brings with it a host of other health and psychological issues like health problems and low self-esteem. However, you don’t have to go through life worrying about either of these or spend numerous hours in the gym trying to exercise some hard to tone areas like the neck, chin or even the love handles. You can always result to the painless, non-surgical, and non-intrusive fat-freezing process.

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