That “New Car” Feel… For Longer

Posted on Apr 19 2018 - 5:27pm by Editorial Staff

There’s nothing quite like the moment when you are finally handed the keys to a new vehicle. You’ve gone through all the paperwork, handled the finances, and now the time has come: the car is yours, and you’re free to drive wherever you want.

The first few months after you obtain a new car are always interesting. You’ll likely find yourself desperate for any excuse to drive, just so you can remind yourself how pleased you are with your purchase. You’ll also be especially careful when it comes to mud or any other form of dirt on the exterior of the car; as for the interior, the idea of eating or drinking inside the car is outright absurd.

Then there’s the actual driving. The engine is smooth; every turn of the wheel feels effortless; and you know you’ve got a manufacturer’s warranty behind you should something go wrong. There’s no doubt about it: those first few months when you have a new vehicle are always incredibly enjoyable.

Then, over time… you begin to slip

As the months roll into years, the feeling of newness begins to reduce. The “new car” smell fades or — if you bought a used car from a dealership — the air freshener begins to lose its potency. You become more relaxed about eating and drinking in the car, and you no longer see every speck of mud as an affront to decency.

Some would argue that this progression is natural, and just part and parcel of adjusting to life with your new vehicle. However, if you want to try and maintain the feeling of a “new car” for as long as possible, then here’s a few ways to do it…

Maintaining the aesthetics and feel of a new car

  • If you really love that new car smell, then you can use products that seek to replicate the same smell throughout your time with your vehicle. Given the power of sense memory, this alone could help you feel like your car is new and exciting, regardless of how long you have actually had it!
  • Take your car to be professionally cleaned and waxed every few months. This will help maintain that fresh, new feeling in a way that self-cleaning just can’t manage.
  • If you want to maintain that feeling of “newness”, then try and go for a drive just for the sake of going for a drive on a weekly basis. This gives you the chance to just enjoy the car rather than the car just becoming a tool that allows you to travel.
  • If you didn’t want to eat or drink in your car when you first bought it, keep to that rule even when you’ve had the car for awhile. At the very least, this will help prevent crumbs and debris gathering, which in and of itself could help to preserve that feeling of newness!

Maintaining the mechanics and practicalities of a new car

Finally, here’s a few ideas as to how you can create that “as new” feeling in regards to the basic, practical mechanics of your car:

  • Stick to a regular service schedule with your vehicle, so it is always going to be in the best possible condition.
  • Opt for an extended warranty, so you never have to go for long without a repair on any issues you experience. It’s often best to choose a specialist warranty for the brand of car you drive. So, a Nissan extended warranty from Carchex would be the first choice of a Nissan driver, while other brands will have their own specialty extended warranty services too.
  • Try and ensure that you stick to a good maintenance regime with your car. Small things — like squeaking windscreen wipers — can have an adverse impact on that feeling of “newness”, so it’s well worth fixing even the smallest problems when you encounter them. The smoother your car runs and operates, the longer it will feel like a novelty to you.

In conclusion

While it is inevitable that you will, at some point, stop seeing your new car as “new”, the steps above should help you extend that period for as long as possible. By ensuring your car still feels interesting and exciting to you even years after you have bought it, you’ll be sure to get the most from your vehicle well into the future.

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