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Posted on May 8 2015 - 1:38am by Editorial Staff


Advancements in technology have made life easier than it used to be in the formative years. According to boatactuators site, one of the most remarkable contributions of technological advancements is the idea of automated systems. These systems apply the concept of linear actuators to achieve a way of controlling various systems remotely using hand held devices without necessarily having to be inside a certain machine for one to control it. This article, therefore, highlights the application of linear actuators to automate boat systems. Read on to learn very interesting aspects of automation in marine systems.

Linear actuators have been applied widely in the development of boat hatches, anchors and steering controls. The latest technological paradigm shifts have seen the marine industry grow in major dimensions. Boat owners have found the convenience of customizing the boats and being in a position to remote control them. Linear actuation in component development is a technology that found a lot of application in this front. Automated boats have been found to provide a lot of comfort to sea cruisers. Linear actuators provide the flexibility and versatility that is desired in most marine boats and yachts. They offer internal comfort and external resistance against the effects of winds, sun, water and salts. Electrical actuators have found many applications in the construction and maintenance of marine components. The picture below shows an automated boat cruising in the sea.

In automated boats, linear actuators are typically used to adjust seats, elevate tables, retract or extend display systems in boats such as LCD TVs and other monitoring devices. Application of linear actuators in ship building technology has earned shipbuilders a lot of reputation in marine industry and this technology is gaining acceptance at a fast rate.

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