How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Posted on May 7 2015 - 9:58am by Editorial Staff


Have you been wondering if the shaky looking tree in your backyard will hold until the fall? or is it that the a big tree has been blocking sunlight into the house and now it is high time that you do something about it. As much as we love trees in our surroundings, sometimes, these innocent creatures can get into positions that are quite risky for house owners and neighbors.

The only way out is to reduce the tree in size and probably removes it completely as a part of a long term solution. But you are probably not aware of costly a tree removal can be. So, let us put it down slowly for you. Removal of a tree is dependent on a lot of factors. We shall go through them one by one.

Height of the tree

This might sound obvious, but the height of the tree is a major factor in deciding how much it is going to cost you. Although it might sound like a scheme to rip you off, the truth is that increasing the height of a tree increases the complexity of the cutting job. You could cut a small shrub in your front garden in a matter of minutes, but attacking its base, but imagining doing that to a 40 or 60 feet tall tree. You might succeed in cutting it at the base with a chain saw, but can you control how it will fall? That is where the experience of an professional tree cutting service comes in and they handle this complex job by charging you a fee of USD 10-12 for every foot of the tree to be cut.

Is it in a hazardous place?

Complexity is added to the cutting job when the tree is located in a hazardous or precarious position. So, if the tree you want removed or trimmed is close to a high tension electric cable or placed on the edge of the hill or an icy lake, then the company is going to charge you a little extra over the basal rate to cover for this hazard.

Time limit

Do you want the shaky tree off your premises before the storm hits the town in 24 hours? Everything that demands a quick turnaround also demands higher payout. Doing a job in half the time might need an extra pair of hands or even two to do the job and the company will expect you to pay higher than the standard rate for finishing the job quickly for you


If the tree to be cut is far away in your backyard and not accessible by road, you will need some additional labor to carry the cut pieces away from the site. Once again, you will have to cover these extra costs just because your drive is too small for the workmen’s truck to pass through. This might sound a bit unfair, but try walking the distance between your backyard and front door with a decent shaped log on your shoulders and we are sure you will be happy to pay the price the contractor will ask of you.

The fallen tree

Do you want the contractor to leave the tree where it was felled? Do you want him to remove the stump completely? Do you want it chopped into the right sized pieces for your fireplace? Needless to say all these are additional services that you are requesting the contractor to complete for you and will be charged extra. Rather, hauling away the whole tree is the most expensive of all these additional requests, and you may not want to order that, unless absolutely necessary.

Now that you know what factors are taken into consideration when determining the cost, you must now know why none of the contractors you called gave you a quote over the phone, instead insisted on a visit. If you would like, you could club trimming and pruning of some other trees to reduce the overall cost of the work.

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