Top Benefits To Quit Smoking

Posted on Aug 14 2018 - 9:33pm by Editorial Staff

The benefits of quitting smoking are enormous, and they don’t take long to kick in, either. Your body can start feeling better in as few as 20 minutes after your last cigarette, with even bigger benefits down the road.

Benefit Timeline

Twenty minutes into your journey of quitting, your heart rate returns to a normal level. Carbon monoxide levels in your blood decrease to a normal level after about 12 hours.

Once you’ve put down the cigarettes for three months, your lung functioning starts to improve and your risk of heart attack starts to decrease. Coughing and shortness of breath diminish after anywhere from one to nine months after quitting, and your risk of coronary heart disease decreases to half the rate of a smoker’s after one year.

Additional health risks continue to be reduced once you’ve hit the five year to 15 year mark. These include your risk of stroke as well as various cancers. These include lung cancer; bladder cancer; cancer of the larynx, pancreas or kidney; and cancer of the mouth, esophagus or throat. Your risk of coronary heart disease also drops to the same levels as a non-smoker’s after 15 years.

Full-Body Benefits

You’ll enjoy an additional slate of benefits you’ll feel throughout your entire body. Sharper hearing comes with quitting, as does a stronger immune system that’s no longer exposed to regular doses of tar. Improved blood flow will improve healing and muscle strength, while your white blood cell count will return to normal now that it no longer has to fight off cigarette’s toxins.

Stronger bones are part of the perks, with a decreased risk of fractures. Your skin becomes clearer, less prone to blemishes and premature aging. Your mouth will taste better and sport a brighter smile.

While quitting smoking doesn’t fix existing fatty deposits already in your blood vessels, it can lower the amount of fats and cholesterol circulating in your blood to decrease the chances of new deposits building up. You can also enjoy a decrease in belly fat and a reduced risk of diabetes.

Not only does quitting smoking come with a bastion of benefits, but you have options that make putting down the cigarettes less painful than in the past. Vaping real tobacco e-juice, like Black Note, can satiate the cravings while providing a similar taste and feel of cigarettes without the same detrimental side effects.


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