Taking A Spa Or Detox Holiday

Posted on Nov 5 2013 - 9:58am by Laura Green


Our bodies take toxins in every hour of every day. From the detergent residue in the clothes we wear, to the contaminated air that comes into contact with our skin, to the foods and liquids we intake, our bodies constantly must fend off toxins that threaten to defeat it. Taking a spa or detox holiday may be just what your body needs.

Healthy Food

The food we eat on a daily basis is heavily processed. It has all kinds of chemical additives to preserve it, make it a certain color, and give it a certain smell or taste. Even the seeds that are planted are chemically treated, often genetically changing the plant before it ever germinates, affecting the type of food we put into our bodies. Did you ever notice that red and blue M&Ms disappeared for a while? That’s because elements of the dyes used in these colors were carcinogenic.

At a spa or detox holiday, you will eat only the healthiest of foods that are prepared in the healthiest of manners. You’re not going to be scoffing down burgers and fries or even having anything remotely similar. Some meats and foods are not the best for our digestive system, Some people don’t even like to use microwaves to cook food, and they certainly don’t store or reheat food in plastic. At your retreat, the foods will be freshly prepared and promptly served, with no additives or preservatives.

No Toxins

Not only will the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe be free from toxins, your body will be cleansed as well. Detox is not always convenient, but when you are at a detox camp, you can all the comforts of home and an excellent diet, as well. The detox of your body begins as the liver releases toxins that have built up, keeping it from processing fats properly. Since you are not taking in toxins, the “backlog” of poisons in your body begins to diminish. With gentle detox efforts, these toxins will be eliminated from your body faster than they usually are, leaving room for your body to begin to repair itself.

As the bad leaves your body, and as you refill it with the good, you find that your energy levels increase. Your spirits and self image improves, as well. The toxins your body produces when it is stressed begin to subside, and whole-body healing can begin.

Massage and Meditate

At this point, gentle massage will help to purge the remaining toxins from your lymph system. Meditation will help to calm your mind, removing even more of the stress that poisons today’s adults. Saunas, hot tubs, gentle exercise, and healthy diet all combine to restore healthy functions of your immune system, resulting in a healthier body and better outlook.

When you have finished your spa or detox holiday, you’ll find that your immunities are stronger, keeping your from getting sick as easily. Your body can begin to challenge itself with more taxing workouts, making you physically stronger. Your mind will be clearer without all of the bad chemicals circulating through your bloodstream. In all, your holiday will provide you with a new beginning. 

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Laura Green is a keen health adviser, she loves to watch people improve their health as well as making herself fitter and stronger. She currently advises for a yoga camp at YEOTOWN.