5 Themed Corporate Parties On Christmas

Posted on Nov 5 2013 - 10:06am by Eliza Allen

Christmas Party

In a corporate environment, every employee works hard to give his best to the job he has been assigned. It’s been hectic working routine all along the year; Christmas is the best time to give your colleagues and yourself a time to relief and party to get full joy of Festive event.

Planning for upcoming Christmas party would become more enjoyable when all the coworkers get together to discuss the ideas about venue, travelling, food, theme and entertainment for the bash.   To make your event special, be a secret Santa along with your colleagues and friends, take the surprise gifts along with you to the venue and astound the uncut party. This would be the wonderful way to get close to your working fellows.

Themed parties are believed to be more entertaining and grand for any occasion. It includes everything from food and beverages, dress code, venue setup and also entertainment, whether you choose to have evident winter snowy theme or plan an unusual circus theme, must ask your colleagues before finalizing the theme so they can give your more creative thoughts and can also relish the event to its full.

White Christmas

Winter white Christmas is one of most loved theme of the event. It’s simple and graceful, yet elegant enough to be theme of sophisticated corporate party. You just need to embellish the venue of event with white, silver, gold and green ornaments and trimming to create wonderful wintery feel. Spray paint artificial trees or natural dry branches with white and silver paint for a clean, sophisticated artifact. Golden warm lights and pillar candles will fill the atmosphere with cheerful temptations. Dress code can be with white, off-white, gold and red hues to give a pinch of freshness. Performance of Prince and snow white dancer will be amusing entertainment twist. Capture the performances of snow white in your camera, and get large canvas prints to save these beautiful moments.

Circus Night

If you work with more perky fellows who need a striking celebration on the event of Christmas, than circus theme is a perfect choice. All the circus elements and props can be incorporated to the venue to heighten the effect of theme. Ring master performance will be fabulous option to welcome the guests. Setup the backdrops and floor according to circus arena, add radiant colored gilding, Circus animal prop, Black & white dance floor, Bubble maker, blazing lights and Clowning twisted mirrors to complete the entire theme. Pop-corns, candy floss and ice-cream cones will be scrumptious add-on to menu.Fire-breathers, pole walkers and featured pranks performed by jugglers will flare up the ambiance of extravaganza circus show.

Hollywood Charisma

Grand Hollywood theme is recommended for glamor aficionadas. Use Hollywood movie backgrounds, glittery carvings and legendry actors’ props to portray the theme of event. To make your guests feel like superstars, arrangea lavish limo to arrive in style to the red carpet entrance to make the Christmas party extra special. Follow a formal dress code for the megastar appearance. Paparazzi, Dj’s and sparkling dance floor will spice up your celebrations.

Heroes and Legends

Your childhood heroes and legends occupy your minds for rest of the life. Intensify the jamboree of Christmas by getting into your heroic character and escalate the delight of party. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Gotham City skyline and Statue of Liberty props and lots more can be incorporated to enhance the heroic passion. Get a dress code of your favorite legendary figure or devilish villain and background of multiple heroic movie music.

Fantasy of wonderland

The colorful theme of a fairyland would build up with whimsy characters, alluring surroundings mesmerizing props and timeless fun games. The dress code must be fused with fantasy character dresses, fairy costumes and face paints. Background of garden scene with large flowers mushrooms and trees, Giant playing cards, Fairy lights, Crystal dance floor and huge fantasy mirrors will be fascinating for worthy invitees.

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