Incredible Activities To Do In South Africa

Posted on Nov 5 2013 - 9:50am by George Lucas

South Africa

South Africa has an interesting climate structure opposite then the Northern Hemisphere. Hence, its specific areas are green in ordinary seasons. There are numerous amazing activities that one can perform in order to complete their trip to South Africa apart from admiring its green bushes. South Africa is a complete surprise package with outstanding activities. These activities include riding an Ostrich, ride through a desert during bloom, riding in an epicurean train, night stay in a tree-house, cage-diving along with the great White Shark, golf playing, spa, playing their local game (football).

Playing Golf on the roof of a resort

South Africa has housed extremely pretty golf courses on Earth and are affordable too. Gary Player and Ernie Els won their initial birdies on South African golf courses. These resorts have spa facilities as well. If your spouse is not interested in golf then spa is the ultimate area of escapism.

Riding an ostrich

Like horse-riding, ostrich-riding also requires many skills. However amateurs are welcomed so that they can try their luck in Oudtshoorn of Karroo. There are hundreds of Ostrich farms spread over this semi-desert region of South Africa worth seeing. Oudtshoorn is the area where you can master riding an Ostrich- a strangely attractive non-flying bird. If you are confident enough then there are races organised regularly for people like you to enjoy. Such races are preferable for professional ostrich jockeys. You can also taste certain delicacies like Ostrich Biltong or Paté.

Tree House Stay

ree-house residence is a mind-blowing eco-friendly idea and you will be given various options to make a choice:

  • Teniqua Treetops – It is a resort with tented tree houses which offer self catering canopy residences in the foothills of Outeniqua mountain range of Western Cape.
  • Jaci’s Tree Lodge – It is an epicurean lodging offering individual homes on stilts built beside huge Leadwood trees in the centre of Madikwe Game Reserve.
  • Sycamore Ave – It consists of many tree houses in the charming Drakensberg Mountains. Some of these even have Jacuzzis and fireplaces.
  • Pezulu Tree-House Game Lodge – Located in Timbavati, it possesses 7 unique and luxuriously thatched tree-houses where you can experience to have an eye contact with the passing giraffe.

One must stay in tree-house of South-Africa when on a trip.

Surf in South Africa

The coastline of South Africa is a myriad of bays and beaches. The shape of these beaches is like a technically logarithmic spiral. Surfing depends on the size of the swell as well as on the wind direction. The best surfing can be enjoyed for 365 days of a year in the Cape Peninsula of Cape Town.

Hike the wild coast

The Wild Coast of South Africa’s Eastern Cape regionis considered as one of the prettiest coastlines on this earth and much of it is accessible only via foot. There are outstanding natural sight-seeing areas that one can experience here like waterfalls, deserted beaches, undiscovered forests and rivers etc. You will also get a chance to communicate and mix well with the locals like Xhosa and amaPondo. Experience the Wild Coast Walk that offers various hikes on the Wild Coast along with canoeing trips on horse-back.

Relax with Spa-Fari

South Africa has turned to an epicurean destination for tourists. South Africa pampers its guests a lot with various latest tourist attracting facilities like spa. Many small sports lodging or hotels offer spa in marvellous outdoor settings. This will leave a relaxed feeling over your body and mind. You may acquire spa at the end of the tour so that even if there is anything that has made you tired get relaxed with spa. The Pezula Spa is well known for spa treatment.

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