Report: Apple’s iPad Accounts For 85% Of Total Tablet Web Usage

Posted on Aug 1 2012 - 10:48am by Editorial Staff

Since the time when the new iPad comes into existence, Apple has been dominating the tablet market, dubbing it as a situation like that of tablet war. According to the latest report from Pingdom, in recent times, with Google’s launched of Nexus 7 tablet, the number of Android-based tablets is growing. The data is based on web usage provided by StatCounter.

Talking about the difference how much the iPad dominates across the board, in all parts of the world. Another way to look at these numbers is that for every Android tablet in use today in the world, there are 6.6 iPads. Since last November, Apple’s iOS has gone from 87.9% to 85.7%, Android from 10.9% to 13.0%.

There are countries where the iPad has over 90% of the market. These include the United Kingdom (93.1%), Australia (93.2%), Ireland (90.2%), New Zealand (90.6%), Sweden (91.2%), Norway (92.7%), Denmark (95.0%), Iceland (93.6%), and Switzerland (91.7%). In the United States, iOS has 88.4% of the tablet market, Android has 10.3%, webOS has 0.8% and Blackberry OS has 0.4%.

Worldwide tablet market share for Blackberry OS is 0.97%. The standout country here is RIM’s home market, Canada, where Blackberry OS has an 8.5% market share. Worldwide tablet market share for webOS is 0.32%. A few real standouts for Android that we found were India (iOS 66.0%, Android 31.9%), Indonesia (iOS 55.6%, Android 44.0%) and Malaysia (iOS 62.8%, Android 36.8%).

Places where Android is doing relatively well against iOS include Thailand (iOS 76.5%, Android 23.5%), Taiwan (iOS 79.2%, Android 20.8%), Saudi Arabia (iOS 75.3%, Android 24.3%), Brazil (iOS 79.8%, Android 20.2%), Argentina (iOS 72.4%, Android 25.0%), Poland (iOS 77.0%, Android 23.0%), South Africa (iOS 74.5%, Android 25.1%) and Russia (iOS 77.8%, Android 22.2%).

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