High-Tech Fitness Gadgets Trending In 2016

Posted on Sep 30 2016 - 5:56pm by Editorial Staff


Everywhere you turn, you hear about the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart gadgets that make life so much easier. Is it hype or do such things as smart watches really make it easier to get through your overly busy day? Actually, there are a number of high-tech fitness gadgets trending in 2016 that not only make life easier but also healthier. Here are just a few you might not even know exist!

Smart Watches

With consumer technology continuing to be more and more innovative in smaller and smaller form factors, there is a wide variety of smart watches on the market that can help you stay connected, keep track of more than just the time, and even watch movies. One of the more popular applications comes from a number of fitness tracking watchesin the market of wearable tech. These allow you to keep track of diet and activity, as well as monitor your condition and vitals in real-time. Whether you are out on a daily run and need to measure heart rate as well as other vital signs to ensure optimum health results, need to stay synced with your other devices while you stay active, or simply need something smarter from your watch, sites like www.watches.com can help you find a watch to help you reach your goals.

Smart Thermometers

One of the latest fitness gadgets on the market has made a huge impact on families with small children. Everyone knows that flu season is no fun with kids in the home because they tend to pick up literally every bug that goes around their schools. Now there is a high-tech smart thermometer that not only takes their temperature but also communicates with your smartphone to remind you it’s time for medicine or that the child’s temp needs to be monitored more closely because it is still going up. A handy fitness gadget for families with children in 2016.

Fashionable High-tech Fitness Trackers

One innovative high-tech fitness tracker that also rivals some of the leading fashionable bracelets from top designers comes from the Mira Vivid Wellness Collection. At first glance, you might think that the ultra-modern bracelet is just a designer piece, but upon closer inspection, you see that it is a smart gadget. Also available this year from the Mira Collection is a gold pendant to further disguise that health and fitness tracker you are wearing. A really novel idea!

Health Box by Under Armour

There are fitness gadgets, and there are fitness gadgets, but if you are looking for something that is both high-tech as well as trendy, that would be the Health Box by Under Armour. Many of us remember the days when Under Armour was simply a line of sports apparel seeking to contend with name brands like Nike and Reebok, but today this one company is into high-tech fitness as well. Check out the Health Box to see one gadget that does it all!

For anyone living in the 21st Century, technology is a part of literally every aspect of our lives. From health and fitness to smart devices for the home, there is no getting away from the importance of technology. Whether looking for that perfect Christmas gift or something you can do to better your own health, take a few moments to check out high-tech gadgets trending in 2016. You’ll be amazed at just what technology is doing (and can do!) in your life.

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