Nokia No Longer The Most Valuable Company In Its Homeland

Posted on Apr 4 2012 - 10:08am by Editorial Staff

The Finnish mobile giant Nokia is no longer the most valuable company in its homeland as pointed out by Horace Dediu on Twitter. As reported by Helsingin Sanomat, the mobile company no longer bear the king title in Finland anymore as it was taken by Finnish electric utilities giant Fortum  which recently took the lead on the Helsinki Stock Exchange in terms of market value.

Fortum’s market cap is roughly 15.8 billion euros whereas Nokia, now in second place among Finnish companies, boasts a total value of only 14.8 billion euros. In third place is financial services and insurance company Sampo, with a market cap of roughly 12 billion euros at present. Watch your back, Nokia. To put things in perspective: at its peak in the past five years, more precisely at the end of 2007, Nokia was valued at a whopping 110 billion euros.

(Image Source: Nokia logo, Featured Image)

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