Microsoft – Try The Dynamic Duo Of IE9 and Bing In Response To Google’s “Busting Myths About Our Approach To Privacy”

Posted on Feb 6 2012 - 5:13am by Editorial Staff

Seems like the search engine giant and software giant ongoing tug-of-war over Google’s privacy policy take another interesting move – and again this time by Microsoft – the company pointed out in its blog post asking the users to try the dynamic duo of IE9 and Bing – interestingly the software giant already provided the options to the users with two more last week – so what makes Microsoft again to list and specify both the things again.

Google is in the process of changing its 60 products privacy policies into one – yes a one single giant privacy policy. Last week, Microsoft posted its “Gmail Man” video officially – with which in response to it, Google in its blog post “Busting myths about our approach to privacy.” The post refutes claims made by Microsoft and other places as well as responding to the government concerns over the privacy policy.

Frank X. Shaw, Corporate Vice President, Corporate Communications at Microsoft, has posted “Download Internet Explorer 9, and install an appropriate Tracking Protection List from the Internet Explorer Gallery. You can also find Tracking Protection Lists created by well-known privacy experts at That way, you can browse the Web without simultaneously being “browsed” by others. It’s unique to IE9 in that, regardless of the privacy policy of the site you happen to be visiting, Tracking Protection helps ensure your information stays with you…not with the third parties whose content is on the websites you visit.”

And, for the Bing, he added, “And for a great search experience, all you have to do is click on Over the past two-plus years, it’s really matured into a great search engine – relevant results, experiences designed to help you do more, as opposed to searching more, and we think it’s every bit as good as any search product out there. I’d encourage you to try it for a day or a week or a month, really get to know it, and see what you think.”

He concluded by saying, “We think you care about this difference. And of course, all of Microsoft’s products and services, like Internet Explorer or Bing or Hotmail, are designed to put you first. And that’s a great experience, one you don’t have to “share” with Google.  We had some fun this week. But the choices you make really do impact how your personal information is treated. So, thanks for thinking it over, and I want you to know that Microsoft remains committed, as always, to designing products for you, our customers. “

The idea of Microsoft advertising is not new but still it keeps on trying to engage more and more users on its services and products. Microsoft has used ‘regular folk’ in its ads before, so that is not new.

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