McAfee: 1Q12 Sees 83 Million PC Malware Detected, Spam Level Dropped To 1 Trillion Per Month

Posted on May 23 2012 - 2:54pm by Editorial Staff

McAfee today reported that it saw a huge spunk, an increase of 1200%, in mobile malware in 1Q12. Mobile malware has “exploded,” the company said (PDF), with a significant increase on Android devices. Furthermore, company also found that there is a slight increase in malware targeting with Mac, but it was not “extreme”.

Additional interesting data points from the report:

  • 1Q12 had the largest number of PC malware detected per quarter (83 million)
  • McAfee found about 250 new Mac malware samples last quarter and about 150 fake Mac anti-virus samples
  • spam levels dropped to 1 trillion per month
  • the United States represents the primary source of cyber attacks
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