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If you have a website which has a healthy number of individual visitors each month, you are potentially able to make a serious amount of money. Whether it’s a personal blog or an informative website, if you have people who are regular readers and value your content, there are a number of ways that you can make money from this. Often people think this means having lots of adverts on the blog, but that is just one of many ways that your blossoming readership can supplement your income. Here are some of the top ways to monetise your website:

Host an eStore

This is an ideal option for bloggers. If you have a blog which is themed around fashion, or beauty, or even books, there are a number of companies which offer the option of adding an eStore to your site. This means that when a user would love to buy a lipstick you’ve featured, they can purchase it on your blog without having to go to another website to find it and as you’re acting as a middle-man in this exchange, you would get a cut from the money the user has spent on the product. This is called an affiliate scheme, and is used in lots of different industries from casinos, with the likes of Yeboyes, to books from Amazon. It’s also 95 per cent of the income for the Daily Mail, one of the most visited websites in the world!

Write an eBook

If you have a success story, share it. The best thing about eBooks is that they’re free to write and publish. If you have secrets of the trade that you feel other people would be interested in knowing about it might be an idea to amalgamate them into an eBook and then sell it on your store for a small fee. This is perfect if you’ve noticed a lot of people asking you for your “secret” or how they can “be as successful” as you can refer them to your book and save you answering the question over and over again.

Sell your services

This is a continuation from the eBook idea and is perfect is writing isn’t really your ‘thing’. If you’ve noticed that you loved designing your site, for instance, you could make money from offering to build similar sites for other users. Or if you’re a dab hand at social media, you could offer advice for other people who are struggling to know their Klout from their Pinterest.

Sponsored Content

Companies often send out products or items to be featured online in reviews or posts which can well work if you are interested in trying things out for your readers. The key to maintaining this set up is being polite and honest with the people sending you products as well as your readers, you don’t want to lie to your readers by saying something awful is fantastic so bare this in mind when selecting content. Companies often use agencies to connect them with bloggers, such as Bloggers Required. If you’re interested in offering sponsored content, it would be worth looking for the perfect agency to suit you and your site.

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