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Due to the immense British and American cultural influence on the rest of the world, English has become a global language. Just as the American dollar is accepted in almost all parts of the globe, English is one of the most widespread languages in the world. Despite of its evident popularity and the large number of users, the language has been molded and reformed over the years due to the regional influences of the different countries it’s used in.

When it comes to professional content writing, most writers use a style of English referred to as ‘Global’ or ‘Plain’ English. While this isn’t much different from the regular English, the reason it is called ‘Plain’, is due to the absence of any regional influences and grammatical omissions. Plain English is an authentic style that makes the text easy to read and understand for even the most amateur of readers. It is often a subject of confusion among the aspiring writers, on how to create engaging content. Listed below are a few tips that might be of some help.

Know Whether You Can Write Or Not

Just because you can read, write and speak the language doesn’t mean you can do professional writing. Like poetry, professional article writing is a part of creative writing and thus cannot be learned through attending a course. Writing is an art that needs to be honed through several years of practice and study. Non-professional writers often use harsh and complicated sentences that might seem fit for a high-school text book. Articles on the other hand, require a much subtle style of writing and the writer should be able to express the most complicated things in simplest of ways.

Research Thoroughly

Even though you’re a good writer and have a good command over the language doesn’t mean you can skip the research part. Professional content writing isn’t all about being the best and the most creative writer but about writing relevant information while using your creativity to increase the quality of the information. A good writer is the one who knows exactly what needs to be written without any vague information or assumptions. Poorly researched content not only poses a severe threat for the readers but also spreads wrong information about a particular topic.

Be Specific

Telling a personal story about your beloved pet in an article related to dog fences might sound like a good idea for the creative writers. However, content writing includes elaborating a particular topic and providing some useful information to the readers. Hence, it is extremely important to not jump around and be as specific as we can. Keeping the topic in focus while providing some additional information, not only adds more value to the overall content but also engages the reader’s interest in a much better way.

Use Sub-Points and Bullets

Using bullet points and sub-headings in your article makes the text more comprehensible and increases its quality. We must admit that reading a long monotonous passage is much harder than simply getting the article summary by referring to the sub-headings. Even though the content is good and well researched, the format of the article plays an important part in making it more engaging and attractive. Hence make sure you use sub-points, sub-headings, numberings and bullets when drafting articles.

Change Your Style

Unless you write for a specific niche, it is highly important that you change your writing style according to the topic. Professional writing involves several niches like travel, healthcare, fashion, home improvement etc. that require articles in various styles. For example, using a little personalisation when it comes to travel related articles is okay but will not be accepted for an article related to finance. As you cannot be an expert in all the fields it is important that you use alternating writing styles to make the information more generalised and convincing.

Become A Good Reader

Unless you know what good writing is, there’s no chance that you would be able to draft an engaging article. Most aspiring writers focus more on the writing part and less on the reading part. This not only makes them oblivious to their own mistakes and errors but also makes their writing very complex. Using big and technical words isn’t a very good idea if you cannot make sense with your sentences. Try reading the various magazines that are related to the topics you generally write for. This would give you a better idea about the various styles to be used for different types of topics. You could also watch documentaries and TV channels such as discovery to improve the flow of sentences.

As mentioned earlier, article writing is an art and it takes a lot of time and practice to be perfected. You can also visit websites like WeAreForce and others to get a more detailed knowledge about content marketing and online advertisements. Content that gets the most shares isn’t just due to the interesting topic but also because of the way it is drafted. So make sure you follow the above tips to get much better results from your writings and create some interesting content.

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