Lenovo Is ‘In Talks’ With An Unnamed Partner Over Smartphone Joint Venture

Posted on Jun 4 2013 - 12:34pm by Karan Chopra

According to the report on Reuters, Lenovo is “in talks” on smartphone joint venture with an unnamed partner. Although as per the publication, the Japanese media first reported that the unnamed company is NEC while NEC declined to comment over the joint venture rumors.

Back in March, NEC was reportedly mulling on to sell its mobile phone unit to Lenovo although NEC confirmed that the talks were going on, but they didn’t able to reach over at final conclusion of the deal. The phone maker at that time ditched 281.1 million shares on offer in Lenovo which will be generating around $227.7 million at the time.

Since we too considered the talks are as rumors but yes possibilities are high that Lenovo is in talks with NEC although we can’t conclude as of now as unless and until the rumors taught to be confirmed.

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