Italian Court Asked Apple To Pay $1.2 Million Fine And Put Notice Over AppleCare Packaging

Posted on Mar 23 2012 - 8:06am by Editorial Staff

Apple which was recently comes under fire from EU consumer groups over “misleading” AppleCare warranties, has lost an appeal in the Italy court over the AppleCare issues. The court asked the Cupertino-based company to pay up on a €900,000 (about $1.2 million) fine and also add a notice over AppleCare packaging. The company can still re-appeal the ruling, and the court did suspend part of the original punishment

The AppleCare, which consists of minimum warranty for products sold in the EU is already two years, over which, the commission argues that Apple is misleading customers by encouraging them to purchase their AppleCare warranties, which will further extend coverage to two years, among other benefits. The Google Translation of the article on the appeal says:

First they would not have informed “in an appropriate way consumers on rights of free assistance provided by the biennial consumer code, impairing their exercise and limiting ourselves to recognize the manufacturer’s standard warranty of 1 year “, and secondly, the” information given on the nature, content and duration of support services to additional payment applecare protection plan, coupled with the lack of clarification on the existence of the legal guarantee two years, were such as to induce consumers to sign an additional contract when the ‘cover’ of service Payment overlaps in part to the legal guarantee provided free by the Consumer Code.

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