How To Find The Copywriter Who’s A Perfect Fit For Your Project

Posted on Nov 4 2013 - 12:47pm by Konrad Sanders


So you’ve had the brilliant idea of hiring a copywriter. Great! This will free you up from the content writing you’ve been slaving away at, so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.

But deciding you need a copywriter is the easy part. How do you find one who’s a perfect fit for your project?

There are plenty of great copywriters out there but plenty of sub-par ones as well. Check out these tips so you can save yourself time and money!

Word of mouth

Good, creative copywriters can be found through people you know or work with already. Check out friends’ websites and sales copy, and ask them who wrote it. Talk to contacts in advertising agencies or the web design industry – they’re sure to know of several excellent copywriters.

Google power

Any copywriter knows it’s in their best interests to be on Google. There are bound to be thousands, so narrow the search field by being specific. If you want someone in the same city, search for ‘London copywriter’. If it’s a specific type of copywriting, use keywords such as ‘web copywriting’, ‘sales copywriting’ or ‘creative copywriting’.

Unearthed a London copywriter?

Now go through their website with a critical eye.  Is it current? How’s the grammar? Any typos? Errors drive good copywriters crazy, so if their website’s perfect, there’s a good chance your copy will be too!

Have they got experience?

Experienced copywriters can write about practically anything and make it sound good. Even if they’ve never written about your product before, they’ll be able to make it sound worthwhile when it comes to buying. If you need a specific type of copywriting, check their previous jobs to see if they have the skills you need.

Have a chat

Give them a ring or meet face to face so you can give them a detailed overview of your project. Your copywriter will need to understand your objectives and receive clear guidelines, and sending vague emails isn’t going to work. This way you can get to know each other better and see if it will be a good fit too!

Don’t forget the important questions

Write down the specific questions you want answered beforehand. Do they have time to do your job? Do they copywrite on a full-time basis? Can they work onsite if needed? If they can’t answer to your satisfaction – give it a miss.

What’s the damage?

Cost is probably the most important question to ask about. You may have found a super creative copywriter but if you can’t afford him or her then it’s a moot point. Ask for an estimate of what it will set you back once you’ve given them an outline of what you need.

It’s all in the details

Getting a detailed cost estimate in writing once the meeting is over is the next step. Make sure you know what it incorporates. Are drafts or rewrites included in the price? Is a deposit needed to start the work? Don’t forget to relay your expectations about project length too – this way both parties are both on the same page before the project begins.

Now that you’ve taken in these handy tips, the ball’s in your court. Go on the hunt for that super skilful, creative copywriter, bear all this info in mind, and don’t settle for second best.

Good luck!

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