How And Where To Get Free Stuff Online

Posted on Aug 9 2015 - 3:07pm by Editorial Staff

If you’re having money worries, then chances are you’re not going to say “No” to any free stuff any time soon. Even if it’s something you think is useless, you never know what you might make out of it or when you might need it! But how and where do you find free stuff to be claimed online, and what kinds of things can you find?

For a start, there are lots of free stuff websites online which advertise deals and offers from other companies regarding free samples and prizes. Many new companies will give out free samples of their products, and here you can make a fair profit. Plus, these sites will often make you aware of special coupon deals which you can use at your local supermarket or takeaway, meaning that you really can cut back massively on your favourite shop. As well as free deals and prizes, these sites are also a gold mine for finding online surveys which you can get paid for – it’s a free and easy way to pick up some extra cash!

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Another good way of getting free things online is by looking up different deals across different websites. So, for example, you can compare the weekly deals between different supermarkets for that week, and find out where you can get the greatest bargains and offers – including Buy One Get One Free offers. Obviously this isn’t so easy to do if you are in a physical supermarket; after all, you can’t run between shops to keep track of all the different deals on offer. But doing this via the internet, you can end up finding better deals from week to week and saving yourself a fortune.

A great place to pick up free deals is online bingo sites. Bingo sites often offer players the chance to pick up some free cash on their sites, for example through free bingo games or free bingo bonus. But it’s not all about bingo, many sites will also offer free spins on their slots games. This means that you get to play on online slots games and you get a certain number of spins for free, meaning that you could very quickly make some free cash! Some sites require you to wager a certain amount on the site before you can withdraw any cash, which can be annoying. However, there are now more and more sites which do not have such requirements, so why not to try and win mobile casino free spins so you can make yourself a nice profit.

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Finally, there are online coupon sites like Wowcher and Groupon, where you can pick up money saving deals online. Usually you won’t get so much a freebie from these sites as a discount, but it is possible to bag a freebie by referring your friends to the deal. Simply ensure they sign up to this discount offer using your link and you’ll get the deal for free. Sites like this offer everything from bags to jewellery to holidays away, so you never know what you might be able to get.

So if you’re looking to make a bargain online, make sure you check out some of these fantastic sites to see what special deals you might be able to pick up. Enjoy!


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