How To Get Best Hotel Deals?

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Spring is here and it is always a good idea to take a break and go out on a vacation before people rush out on theirs. A quick weekend getaway to Montreal or Las Vegas is always a fun idea that you can explore. An unplanned trip, however, can result in additional costs that you might repent later on. So it’s always nice to get the best hotel deals available so that you can save up some money and use it for shopping instead. So, whether you are looking for a hotel in Montreal or in Honolulu, this is what you need to do.

Check the app, website

Thanks to technology today and scores of price comparison websites, you have lots of options to choose from if you are looking for a good deal. Often sites offering flight tickets even have hotel discounts for you and this is a good place to start off. Alternatively, you have the option of hotel compare sites and they are aplenty. Probably get an app from a couple of these guys and you might get some additional discounts on your first booking

Select your hotel

Scanning through a long list of apps will give you a fair idea of the kind of hotel that fits your budget and gives you the amenities you are looking for. In tourist friendly places, you can always come across an upcoming hotel that is willing to give more amenities for a lesser price. Be courageous to take such opportunities, whenever they arise.

Don’t be a creature of habit

Just because you stayed somewhere nice the last time you visited Montreal, does not mean you have to stay there this time to. Ok, their complementary conditioner was the best you ever used in a hotel, but that does not mean you shell out more money now to try it out again. Also, the morning cup of coffee or the free newspaper is not really freebies, so if you can do without it, please go ahead and save up the cash yourself.

Call the hotel

With so many apps and websites, we have become lazy and hate making phone calls. But a single phone call could help you get a very good deal that the site does not offer. Hotels are more than happy to generate their own business, they way they did, before the travel and hotel compare sites came in. so, if you do happen to call them directly, they might have a good price to offer,  or a free upgrade or probably a loyalty discount.  NEVER BE SHY TO CALL AND ASK.

Haggle where you can

The hotel industry is very open to haggling from its customers in order to maintain a good occupancy in their rooms. So while your neighbor might be shelling out for his breakfast, you could have complimentary buffet just because you asked for it. Or probably, you have a room with a good view for no extra fee, because you were willing to come during the weekdays. Pickups, drops, meals, internet access, laundry, hotels will do anything to keep you happy while you stay there, so once again ask them what they will do for you for free.

Check, re-check, check and book

You have been flexible with your dates, toned down the freebies you are expecting from the hotel and even planned to take your lunch with you for the first two days, but are you sure that there are no hidden costs anywhere. You do not want to enjoy your stay and then end up dejected the last day, because the hotel charged you for using their Wi-Fi, swimming pool, gym and water heater during your stay. In this age of apps and websites, you have to be careful of these tricks too, if you want to save your hard earned money. So, check double check, recheck all details pertaining to booking your hotel and then finally book it when all looks right.

Now that you have yourself a good hotel deal, do not forget to have fun.

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