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Posted on Oct 21 2013 - 11:14am by Editorial Staff


Every website on the internet, whether owned by an intelligence agency or a chain of departmental stores or even a local florist, is at the risk of being hacked. Hackers spare no one when it comes to spreading their malware and getting their hands on to sensitive user data. The adage, defence is the best offence also applies to these internet perpetrators. So, let’s prepare to safeguard our websites from hacker attacks.

Use up to date software

Hackers like to attack multiple sites at once. Security flaws in content management systems are easy targets and affect many users. So, apply all security updates to your website as and when available to keep hackers at bay.  If your website has been infected, do not just try to clean it up but also plug the holes that caused the attack in first place.

Use stronger passwords

Weak passwords allow hackers easy access to your data. Once the hacker gets into your website, each visitor on your website is at risk of taking home some malware. If you use FTP servers, consider getting professional security packages to maintain integrity of your data on the server.

Register with Google’s Webmaster Tools

Google maintains a blacklist of websites that might be harbouring malware. Once you are blacklisted, traffic to your website will drop significantly. If you are registered with Webmaster Tools, you will receive detailed information of malware infections from Google instantly allowing you to focus on problem areas and steer clear from being black listed.

Expert help

If you are dependent on your website for your business, consider getting expert help for all your security issues. Packages that include monitoring your website, scanning for vulnerabilities, repairs after a hack etc. come for a handy price of approximately $100 a year. Let the experts worry about the security issues while you address your client’s requirements.

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