Australia: 5 Best Restaurants

Posted on Oct 14 2014 - 9:16am by Victoria Andrea


Every person loves to visit a place and order the best foods and drinks, then enjoy it .You get hundreds of travellers avoiding one restaurant and heading to another because they know that the restaurant offers special services. For those visiting Australia, they have a variety of restaurant choices serving different menus. Here are the top five Australian restaurants you need to visit and sample the cuisine offered.

Quay Quay

It is considered a top restaurant in Sydney serving Modern and Contemporary Australian menu. It has remained top for some years now. First, this restaurant overlooks Sydney Cove. It has better views sweeping the opera house. Just as the views to the harbour, the food views are also appealing. The dishes are plated beautifully with vibrant colours and draw attention. You get dishes such as Jackfruit snow egg and the textured chocolate cake. The ingredients used to prepare main food come across Australia. At Quay, you get captivating experiences that show a diversity and modern quality. Sample foods such a pearl oyster and the sea scallop, white baby marron, slow braised Berkshire pig jowls and drinks such as petit fours, tea and coffee.


It is another top Melbourne restaurant that serves contemporary and modern cuisine located in 74 Glen Eira roads. Though it serves different dishes, a must sample cuisine not to miss is the house pickled cucumber, goat curds and the crackers. It is a must see kitchen garden with every table giving you an aura of modern dining experiences. You also get the staff serving you mulled cider mugs. The Attica restaurant has become unique because it uses indigenous ingredients such as ground pepper, scorched macadamia and others.

Vu de monde

The restaurant sits in 252 Collins Street in Rialto building 55th floor. The restaurant specializes in modern Australian Cuisine. If you visit here, the chef starts by serving you a 10 course menu in a tantalizing room setting. It is the right restaurant if you want the right wine, quantity and the right dish. You will also get to enjoy the la carte menu available on lunchtime from Thursday and Friday with a four-course meal. They also serve degustation menu.

Flower Drum

It is among the finest Chinese restaurants in Australia. This Melbourne restaurant has been in business for over 35 years with a huge dining room. The menu served here emphasizes the creative touch with seafood served to the visitors. You also get to sample other proteins. A sample la carte menu and beverage is composed of several choices. First, you get pearl meat as appetizers. You also get to sample silken sea foods, dragon prawns and stuffed boneless garfish.

Eighty Six

This is one Canberra restaurant you cannot miss. It is designed as an open space eating area. It offers Eden bream with a combination of Latin styles, pasta dishes and rare refinement. Do not miss the dudeish chicken served with buttermilk. You also have a chance to sample local wines. The main dishes you cannot miss eating include black chicken and buttermilk slaw. If you want to sample the best restaurants here, make arrangements to travel first. You have to apply for the Australian Visa from the bureau. You can book for tourist visas or any other services. You can even apply online.

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