How To Survive A Holiday With Your Partner

Posted on Oct 13 2014 - 9:47am by Alexandra Ashton


Taking a trip together is an experience that will mark the life of a couple. During this trip you will get to know each other all over again because you will be exposed to different cultures and conditions that you are not accustomed to. To make your experience on this trip as pleasant as possible, you will have to agree with your partner about your duties. Each one of you has your strengths which should be utilized during the trip. If you are excellent at talking foreign languages and your partner is good dealing with money in every currency, you have both found your strengths. Do not forget to delegate one of you as responsible for the directions. You do not want to get lost and waste your time finding the right path. Although you have to admit that this is the way some quite amazing adventures can happen.

During your trip together, try not to use your devices often. Did you know that 66% of women think sharing photos is more important than sunbathing? Do not be one of those women, and spend your vacation with your partner rather than with your mobile phone. If you need to verify some information related to your business, do it fast. All other activities on your mobile phone can wait for you to return from holiday. If you feel unhappy with something, speak with your partner. This way you will solve all problems in the beginning and they will not turn into a big fight. Did you know that even 59% of couples end up arguing on holiday?  The funny thing is that while some couples are arguing about not spending time together other ones are arguing about spending too much time together. For more tips about surviving your couple’s holiday read this helpful infographic!


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