9 Green Air Freshener Ideas

Posted on Nov 2 2015 - 7:01am by Alexandra Ashton

We all want our home to look beautiful, for us, but also for those who come for a visit. To have a home that is perfectly suited for us, we will carefully consider design solutions, buy various decorations and coordinate everything with style. Is there anything better than entering the home that was made exactly to your liking? But what if your home doesn’t smell as nice as it looks? How far are you willing to go in order to put an end to these odours? Sometimes it is really difficult to get rid of unpleasant odours in your home, whether that is the smell of sauerkraut, fried foods, stinky shoes or some stale flavour.

You surely have different fragrances of commercial air fresheners in every room. But have you ever wondered what is actually released to air when you use them? A large number of these air fresheners contain chemicals that are harmful not only to you but also to the environment. Do you really want to release that into your home? You may want to consider using homemade natural air fresheners if you are willing to change the way you fight with an unpleasant odour. In this infographic you will discover several innovative ideas for making your own air freshener.

Most of the ways in which you can naturally solve the odour are actually quite simple. You certainly have coffee in your home, right? If you love the smell of it, you should try grinding, brewing or even baking coffee beans. Place bowls of freshly ground coffee around the house and let this amazing smell spread across the house. You can also try putting it in the bottom of your bin bag to stop the nasty odour of trash. Get more excellent ideas for natural air fresheners in this helpful infographic.


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