How Much Is Your Coffee Addiction Costing You?

Posted on Oct 28 2015 - 7:01am by Alexandra Ashton

People have their own routines, especially when it comes to the mornings. While some just jump out of the bed and go straight to the shower, other choose to snooze off for a couple more minutes. But, what most of them have in common is their love for a good cup of morning coffee that will awaken them and prepare for the stress and hassle of the new day. Are you among the avid coffee lovers? The truth is that is a lot easier to find people who drink coffee, than those who don’t. Throw the rock in the air, and when it falls the chances are that it will probably hit the coffee lover.

The only thing that varies is the time when people choose to have their cup and the type of their preferred coffee. But the love remains the same. Did you know that on global level 400bn cups of coffee are being consumed per year? If that doesn’t show our love for coffee, nothing will.

Even though you love your coffee, you surely are not thrilled by the price you need to pay. It doesn’t seem so much on a daily basis, but when you consider how much do you actually spend on the annual level you will surely change your mind. Paying £2.60 in Starbucks for your cup of coffee doesn’t seem much at all, right? But, can you imagine how much will your coffee addiction cost you on the annual level? Buying your coffee in Starbucks for 255 business working day will cost you £663 per year. Not so little anymore, right? Believe us, you don’t want to even try to calculate your costs if you are buying coffee every single day. If you want to cut the costs, you have come to the right place. Check out this great infographic to discover the true cost of your coffee addiction and learn how to reduce it.


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