Yacht Charter And Go Loopy For Guadeloupian Food

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When you book your late sail yacht charter, you want to experience everything the Caribbean has to offer from stunning beaches to rich cultures and vibrant fresh food. Book a bareboat yacht hire over waters packed with some of the world’s most diverse coral eco-systems, full of exotic and wonderful fish and great snorkeling opportunities for the whole family. If you choose an island to lay anchor, Guadeloupe is a terrific place to experience a lively culture.

As you explore old French forts and stroll along the colourful streets of Pointe-à-Pitre, you will always be met with a warm welcome from the locals. Leave the lovely beaches behind for a hike through the National Park of Guadeloupe or a visit spectacular waterfalls in the heart of the jungle. A rich culture of food has evolved over the years with a strong French creole influence. Here are some of the local dishes and foods that await you on Guadeloupe. From crab curry to cod fritters, expect an orgasmic mouth experience.

A couple of things to know beforehand

Tipping is a must and is the same as US standard fare – 15%. Many foods have surprising names unique to the island’s French, be sure you know what you’re ordering. The legal drinking age is 18.

The local specialties

Bébélé – Breadfruit and tripe stew  The people of Guadalupe don’t like to waste food, the base for this stew is made with cow liver or tripe. Other ingredients include a green tropical fruit related to the mulberry called breadfruit, green bananas, dough balls, hot pepper and lime. This dish is not for everyone!

Blaff – lime poached fish  Blaff is a simple dish. Fish is marinated in lime juice, hot peppers and garlic before it’s poached. If the name sounds funny, it’s because its origin is thought to come from the sound of the fish being plopped into the water for poaching.

Callaloo – a soup made of leafy greens – This is a Caribbean staple, cheap, easy and healthy. Every island nation does it a little different though, in Guadalupe they ad bacon, making it the tastiest place to order this green soup.

Guadalupe has a culture rich in culinary tradition, remember the French were here. Ingredients here are always cooked from fresh, and nothing can beat the taste of fish that was just caught.

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