10 Reasons To Have Your Next Holidays In Portugal Now

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It is difficult to find a place for the perfect vacation that appeases to every member of your family, or rather every facet of your being.From beaches to high raised mountains, from lush greenery and breath taking blues, Portugal has it all. But don’t let the lush scenery fool you, Portugal has enough and more to lure even those who are not vowed by its scenic beauty.

If you love digging into the past, Portugal is laden with a rich historical landscape that will keep you hooked for a lifetime. The warmth of its people, the culture that invites you with open arms and the food that will satiate your taste buds, makes you even think of actually moving to Portugal.

Be it a daring rock climbing expedition, exploring the untamed path, relaxing with a book, or even partying your night away, there are times you wish you’d just forget about the whole thing and just sit at home, because no one place is good enough for you.


Simple and sophisticated, Portuguese cuisine is fresh authentic and vibrant very much like the country. With its rich coastline, Portugal has much to offer to people who love seafood- be it the humble sardines or the opulent ouster, seafood is decadent in Portugal. But if you don’t fancy seafood, the Portuguese cuisine has its way with vegetables and meat too. You will be vowed with their speciality deserts, pastries and sweets that will spoil you for good.

Hot Springs

Thanks to the underground volcanic activity, Portugal has its own share of hot springs, rich in minerals that rejuvenate your skin and you. Many springs are marked for activities such as outdoor spa or you could simply go for a bath in these warm springs and pools.

The Beaches

If you love beaches, sunny sand and tanning your skin brown, you are in luck, Portugal has one of the best coasts in the world. It is ranked high as having Europe’s finest beaches, not only to surf and relax, but also for experiencing some of best scuba dives in the world. Have a once in a life time opportunity to get close, really close to whales that swim in open waters. While some of these sights are tame, others are more wild and pure dazzling and exciting.

Lava Pools and caves

You would shrug this off as something a geologist would enjoy, but you do not really need to know geology to experience the natural beauty of the caves and pools created by lava, millions of years ago.

Sea excursions

Nowhere else in the world can you enjoy the scenic beauty of the sea and also be such a close part of it than in Portugal. Swim with the dolphins or dive off peaks right into the crystal blues of the sea, when you take the sea excursion at Portugal.


A country is nothing without its people, and it is no different with Portugal. With every country that has a rich and varied past, you have people that are equally colourful and full of life. The country has many colourful festivals and carnivals that will make a regular visitor out of you. The Portuguese are proud of their rich roots and great past (who wouldn’t be), and retell stores of yore with great gusto and enthusiasm bringing the entire community together. The rich colours, the home cooked meals, the vibrant music, and the warm and lively Portuguese, will make you fall in love with the country all over again.


Portugal’s history takes you back all the way to 1143 A.D. and visiting this country that is now a part of the European Union sheds light on its rich past, from architecture to religion, the political struggles to its colonisation successes.


One of the oldest cities in Europe, Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and also home to its finest architecture, rich historic past as well as contemporary art, music and fashion. It is one city that manages to blend its old and new equally well and is also well connected to other cities in Europe and other major cities around the globe.

Night Life

Portugal is not just about history. Its present is equally vibrant and offers its unique style of nightlife, where bars and clubs are lined up in the narrow streets. Parties go on till late in the night and is something you simply can’t miss for the fun and the ambiance.


Sintra is the place all Disney princesses would love to stay, if they were alive. Just a short distance away from Lisbon, this town is decked with the stylist castles you will see in the real world.

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