Why You Should Turn An Old Premises Into A Cool, Modern Workspace

Posted on Jun 11 2015 - 10:12pm by Editorial Staff

Old Building

If you are looking for a new business premises, you have probably seen everything in your area that is available. Notice any similarities? If they are modern offices, there is a good chance that one is much the same as the other. Bland, dull, corporate affairs with next to no personality.

Now, this would be OK if the rent and rates weren’t so expensive, but really:  isn’t there somewhere better that your company can move to? Somewhere that is the perfect home for your creative and fresh business? Well, maybe there is, but you are just looking in the wrong place.

If you have a little investment behind you, why not buy your old building? There are plenty of empty old spaces around that would be perfect for turning into a very cool working environment. And cities, states and counties will be keen to get them used once again, so you may get a decent rate.

Now, let’s get one thing straight – investment in commercial property is expensive, and you will be taking on a major project. But, if you can find somewhere in the right spot it can lead to great things. Here’s why.

It’s a great investment

Old commercial buildings were built to last. They are also energy-efficient and are huge in scale compared to modern offices or warehouses. Also, bear in mind that if you move into a listed building, you could be eligible for tax credits from your states.

They are adaptable

All that open floor space gives you a great opportunity to design a fantastic office environment. You could also hire out desks in closed-off areas, or rent out meeting rooms. The only limits here are your imagination, but whatever you spend could easily be made back in a short time with clever use of your new property.

It provides a creative environment

Get the design right and your employees will get a creative boost. Imagine all that exposed brick, and having a pipe bending company come in and provide you with enormous metal tubes that snake across the ceilings and walls. Throw in a few big windows to give your staff a great view and you have a piece of art on your hands, not just a building. And, as we all know, art stimulates creativity.

Old buildings are memorable

Whenever anybody sees that old building, they will tie it into the fact that your business owns it. You will become synonymous with it, and vice versa. That’s a kind of marketing that money can’t even buy.

It benefits your community

Older, unused buildings tend to be in areas that need regeneration. So why not put your business right at the front of that change? Once successful businesses start to spring up in run down areas it can have an amazing effect on the local community. More people want to live there, and the next thing you know you will at the center of a cultural hotspot.

So, what do you think? Can you do it? If you decide to go for it, please let us know how you got on!

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