What To Do When It Rains A European City Guide

Posted on Dec 14 2015 - 7:01am by Alexandra Ashton

Nothing is better that curling up in a blanket and reading a good book during those boring rainy days. But when it comes to your vacation you don’t want to waste a second of it because of the rain. You will be here only for a short time, so you don’t want to get drenched or even catch a cold.  That surely won’t be your dream vacation, right? But even though noting is better than sunshine that does not mean that you still can’t have fun. You wouldn’t believe how many fun things you can do when it rains in different European cities. You don’t have to be stuck in the hotel room during the rain waiting for sunshine.  With 109.6 rainy days per year in London there is always possibility of rain. Did you know that there are bunch of thing you can do in London when it rains? You can tour the BBC Broadcasting House or even advance book a spot in the studio audience of a show. Just imagine, you can watch Top Gear live and tell everybody you have met Clarkson, May and Hammond. Make all your friends jealous.

The truth is that even most prepared traveller can’t do anything to change the weather. If it is going to rain you can’t do anything to stop it. Only thing you can do is to find some way to enjoy it. Luckily, you can always find some fun indoor activity you can do. Did you know that Rome’s Pantheon is actually better experienced when it’s wet? You can see the rain, but standing beneath the opening you won’t feel a drop. It is always good idea to prepare for all possibilities, just to be on the safe side. Read this helpful infographic to find out what to do when it rains in European cities like London, Paris, Rome or Berlin.


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