What Is Web Hosting In The Cloud

Posted on Aug 28 2013 - 12:32am by Ashutosh Chauhan


Web hosting in the cloud or Cloud hosting is the future of web hosting. The cloud is made up of several linked servers into a single platform. Because there are a lot of servers working together instead of one, load balancing, increases capacity, and minimizes the probability of failure.

Unlike shared web hosting servers, where the data is stored on a single server, web hosting in the cloud is based on a network of servers, this way if one server fails, or if the hard disk of a server is down, the site is not affected, because their data are reflected in other servers., The technology called “Load balancing” divides the workload among the connected server network and the information are replicated to other servers, so that the user not experience cuts in access to web pages.

This means that in uptime (the time that the website is accessible to users) is virtually 100%. The actual uptime cloud server is around 99.99%.

The fact abstract information from the physical part is what has given its name to this type of web hosting in the cloud as the data are backed by multiple servers intertwined, and are more immune to breakdowns from a server.

Another benefit of cloud servers is scalability. If at any time a website needs more resources for increased visitation, not limited by your hardware, and you can use the resources on the cloud servers.

The word “cloud” has a different connotation in the Internet world. It means a network of computers that work together to provide services to users.

Therefore, with the help of “clouds” a user will have the continued support of our web hosting company, as all the services you need, such as sending email, FTP and so on are carried out on different servers.

End users can enjoy services and not have to worry about managing the core technology that is involved. The only work that end users make is to use the resources available in the cloud in the pre-defined terms.

There are multiple benefits of web hosting in the cloud. With this technology, data can be stored on different servers, so that if a hard drive fails, the other is available with all your data. The latest technology used in the web hosting in the cloud ensures that the resources that a user has available are not limited physically by the server. Each service is well distributed, so that if a point in the network or “cloud” fails, your work is not lost. No hardware or software problem that can get your site no longer active.

In cloud hosting, there are several options for using available resources, and therefore only have to pay for the services they use. While the cloud may sound mixing, each user has individual resources and isolated from other users, thus users can use the resources without problems and without any security issues. With this technology the security problems are not as abundant as in the case of shared environments.

These advantages have made the cloud hosting very popular among users who use Internet applications. It is also very economical accommodation and very reliable. It is also suitable for all types of sites not only for large projects.

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