Travel Advice: 10 Tips for Travelling Safely During the Monsoons

Posted on Jun 30 2014 - 9:07am by Cherylann Mollan


The monsoons are a beautiful season. All around we are surrounded by picturesque sights and a soothing chill permeates the atmosphere. It is a season that makes you want to hop on your bike, grab your backpack and go for a long ride. However, travelling during this season can be a little risky, not just because of the slippery streets, but because there is an increase in waterborne diseases, natural calamities like floods as well as accidents. To stay safe during your travels, here are a few pointers you should keep in mind:

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  • Before travelling to any destination, make a proper study of the place, especially in terms of the weather conditions there during the monsoons. This will help you avoid places that are flood-prone or receive very heavy rainfall. Another smart tip is to avoid staying at places that are close to large water bodies.
  • Avoid booking rooms very much in advance. The monsoons are an unpredictable season and you can never tell when an area might get flooded due to torrential rains. So, book rooms close to your date of travel. You can always opt for a hotel in a safer location if there is a threat of flooding.
  • When travelling, make sure to carry along good-quality rain gear like a windcheater, an umbrella and good-quality monsoon footwear. Also, remember to carry along at least two portable, water-proof bags. These bags can be used for storing important documents and items that need to be carried wherever you go.
  • Mosquito repellents and nets are another thing you must carry with you. Monsoon is the breeding season for mosquitoes and so, we tend to be plagued by swarms of them. There is a rise in diseases like dengue and malaria, which are caused by mosquito bites. So, make sure to slather on sufficient repellent wherever you go and sleep inside mosquito nets for added protection.
  • Another helpful tip is to carry along several plastic sheets. These sheets can be used to shelter something from the rain, or to wrap items that need to be protected or can simply be spread over wet areas so that you can sit down without getting your clothes wet. Being plastic, they can be easily disposed of as well.
  • It is also extremely important to carry along a First Aid kit. Accidental falls, cuts and bruises are common during the monsoons. It is important to treat these wounds immediately because, if left unattended, these wounds will get infected quickly. So, carry along antiseptic creams, bandages, disinfectant scrubs and the necessary antibiotics.
  • There is a surge in waterborne diseases during the monsoons and hence, it is extremely important to consume clean water. Carry along bottles of boiled water to avoid consuming water from dubious sources. If you absolutely need to drink water from outside, bottled water from a trustworthy brand is a reliable option. Ensure the seal isn’t broken before drinking from the bottle.
  • Consuming food that is fresh and free from harmful bacteria is also important when travelling. Try to consume home-cooked food as much as possible. When eating out, make sure to eat at a restaurant that is reputed for its food. Also, eat your food when it is hot as heat kills bacteria, making your food safe for consumption. When carrying food around, store food stuffs in airtight containers to prevent spoilage.
  • Another helpful tip is to keep a list of useful phone numbers close at hand. You never know when you will need to reach out for help in case of an emergency or a natural calamity. Don’t rely on your phone alone for these numbers as your phone is but an electronic gadget that can get ruined in the rains. Create a backup by noting down these numbers on a sheet of paper as well and then laminate the sheet. Carry this sheet along with you in a water-proof bag wherever you go.
  • If possible, slip a hairdryer into your luggage. It can come in handy when you need to dry things out but the weather is playing difficult. It will also help you dry out your hair quickly and with ease and prevent you from catching a cold or fever.

Follow these tips to enjoy a scenic and safe monsoon season!

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