Ireland A Literary Atlas

Posted on Jul 1 2014 - 9:04am by Alexandra Ashton


You’ve read all the works of George R. R. Martin and now you want a new set of literature to use your free time for and if you want a real good study of how Ireland evolved over the years, then what you need to read is the rich literary culture of Ireland. Engage yourself in the rich wondrous powerful narratives of James Joyce or the hardcore poetry of W.B. Yeats by reading and understanding how Ireland became the country that it is today and how its people have managed to deal with the poverty described in the wondrous books of Frank O’ Connor about the poverty of the Irish lands.

This infographic is a guide on how to get through the literary landscape of Ireland and to know which of the books to read first, which writers to consider first and what kind of literary adventure you should expect from a certain writer. It is the goal of James Joyce to illustrate the complete landscape of the Irish lands and to imagine a world where when the world ends, people can just read his books and already understand the whole landscape of the impoverished people of this winter land. Explore Ireland through books now,

This infographic is a rich compendium of what you can get from the rich literary history of Ireland. Ireland may  be famous for its link with Conan O Brien, but it still has so much wonderful things to offer when it comes to literature and majestic stories. You can never imagine how outstanding the power of a good story about Ireland is until you can read some of the best known works of famous Irish writers. Be amazed, enchanted and lured to the stringed stories of suffering of the Irish and how they got their drinking habits set in place in their culture with the help of this infographic.


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