Tips To Make Money And Publicity Using Creative Website Design

Posted on Dec 12 2013 - 10:50am by Sunny Popali


If you are planning to make a living and a little publicity while working on creative website design then you must be guided accordingly. It could be challenging in the beginning like most jobs, but with some tips, it could be possible to make money and publicity. Successful web designers make at least $40,000 annually, but that really depends on how creative you can get with your website designs. Here are a few tips that could possibly make you money and publicity as a web designer.

Be creative in order to find more clients

One very important factor in making money and publicity online as a web designer is to possess people skills and have that desire to succeed. Try going to your local businesses to find more interested candidates, call them, e-mail and try other means to get in touch with them. Be polite and respectful and give them reassurance that you can provide them with the exposure that they need and also that success that they could get.


Another method to raise web design income and publicity is through a freelancing website. Try doing some research on search engines for effective freelance websites such as Elance. Through these websites, you can find job posts that are looking for web designers and you can find a project to start bidding on. Let us say for example you are from Phoenix and want to find web design projects in your area, try typing “web design Phoenix” in the search box and it will give you a list of searches. Remember to be smart about finding the possible employer so you are not fooled in terms of project and payments.

Be an All-In-One Solution for clients

You have to remember that website designing does not just end there. To make good income and earn some good publicity about your web design business, you have to think outside the box. Yes, you could work as web design as your main project, but you could also sell hosting to your clients so that they do not have to worry about where to find hosting for their website. It is like you are being more than what they ask for, which is always a great thing because it shows your clients that you can provide them with more. People always love all-in-one packages and by providing them with more than they ask for, you can really earn a lot of money.

Try to get more traffic in website design

You should have traffic to your website to have clients. The more traffic there is on your web design site the more clients you can get and more clients means more money. You must always let the world know about your services. Try selling SEO services on your web design to clients to possible get more traffic.

Time is money

With that being said, do not waste any precious time because time is money. Try finding a really effective design tools package that could give you really great resources for what you need. Try searching for “Ultimate Designer Toolkit” which could give you just what you need. Think about finding services and resources that have high quality.

Design and code at the same time

This basically means to never settle for just designing and developing. Try expanding your knowledge and skills and this means to read more books and take seminars about web developing. Try to get yourself comfortable with using CSS and HTML for creating static websites. The goal is to gain more knowledge so that you can provide more for your clients. Be that all-in-one package that all clients always want.

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